This has to be a GOD thing

February 2013 I was diagnosed with Lung cancer that had metastasized to my brain stem. The oncologist gave me 4 to 6 mo to live. They said I needed surgery then I would need Chemo and more Radiation. In march 2013 I had my left lobe of my lung removed and had 2 rounds of Radiation on my brain stem. My Uncle told us about these people as he had been using Larry,s products for his prostate cancer for many years and we were so impressed with how well he had done. I was determined not to have any chemo or more radiation so we went with their products. their products have been amazing. I have not had any side effects from their products but I have had other issues from the radiation that they have helped me through. They are always there when we need them, even if we have questions. I have learned so much from these people and their staff. The Dr,s gave me a few months to live just before I started on their products in April 2013 and the Dr,s told me I would be dead soon if I did not continue the medical treatments. I cannot thank these people and their staff enough. With the Grace of God, My determination to live and their Products I would not be here today– (Thank GOD for you people). This has to be a GOD thing.

Dawn H. Sworn

Update on new client: 11/09/20

Hi, this is CATHY , as you know I have had my leg amputated about six months ago because of a massive tumor and started on your products , my last pet scan a few days ago showed no cancer anywhere else, so I am doing well And have been on the protocol.

Thank GOD I found you thru my husband who has been a prostate cancer client of yours for well over a decade with unbelievable success.


My PSA is now 0.14

Just a quick update that I thought you’d be interested in. My last PSA was 1.56 on 5-28-02, at which time I hadn’t been taking for some time. … I started taking StopPSAfromRising on 6-25, … Yesterday, 9-23, I had blood drawn and got the report today. My PSA is now 0.14. The nurse reported the doctor said whatever I am doing, to keep it up, and have the PSA checked again in 6 months. … I’ve returned to taking saunas more frequently now, and plan to continue that practice.

I Feel Much Better

After just one and one/half bottles of StopPSAfromRising and the protocol I feel much better, with more energy & not drug out so much all the time. I’m up less at night and urinating much better. I had remarkable success with PC Spes and expect the same with StopPSAfromRising.

920 to 241

Had only a little problem with my prostate being enlarged. Woke up one morning with pain almost two years ago and found out I had prostate cancer with bone metastases. Was close to death then. Brought under control for a time with Hormonal Implant, but nine months later that was failing. Since then have had chemotherapy that didn’t work. Had radiation to stop cancer that was progressing in lumbar region and causing increasing pain. Have used StopPSAfromRising (two bottles) and have seen psa go down a lot (920 to 241).

50.5 to 10.6

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

My PSA dropped from 50.5 to 10.6 within one month; before I got through the first batch of product you sent.

It works!

I started taking on June 26. At that time my PSA was 17.3, it was rechecked July 3 and was down to 7.39. I was taking four capsules twice daily. You can quote me as saying “It works!”

Thanks and best regards.

PSA is now 1.3

Just wanted to let you know the wonderful results I’m having with StopPSAfromRising.

Since PC Spes was taken off the market my PSA climbed from 2.0 to 7.6. In August I started using StopPSAfromRising, taking 4 capsules per day. I’ve just gotten the results of the blood test I took at the end of September, my PSA is now 1.3………THANK YOU!!!

“I feel much better down there. Thank you.”

I feel much better down there. Thank you

PSA dropped over 100 pts

I am nearly afraid to even mention it but Joe seems to finally be having a few more good days than completely bad one. Please continue to pray for all your customers with such concerns as cancer. Thanks also for your concern and support….God bless….

Joe had his PSA checked…

Joe had his PSA checked after 3 months of being on our Prostate Cancer Protocol and it has dropped over 100 pts.

1200 to 0.3

On July 30, Eileen Gosser called on a referral from her sister in Minnesota; the sister had gotten our 800 # from a friend who had dealt effectively with cancer using nutrition and natural things. Eileen’s sister had kept the phone number on her refrigerator more than one year.

Eileens husband, Arnold, had just been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer July 26 with a PSA of over 1200 and spread into the bone in his back with severe pain. Arnold and Eileen made an immediate decision not to do any of the suggested medical modalities, but to seek ways of dealing with the prostate cancer naturally.

“I was able to stop the pain medication on Friday after we got the first shipment of the complete package, but I still had constant tightness in my back; but I was moving OK, so I could live with that”.

We went back to the Doctor on August 16, less than two weeks after I started, and the PSA had dropped from over 1200 to 165; All the Doctor could say was,”your sure making me look good”; “I don’t think you realized how sick you were”.

On 08/25/2001 Eileen reported Arnold continues to improve; walking one mile; back still tight; weight stabilized @ 189. “Our entire church was shouting and praising God when Arnold gave his testimony Sunday and told about his Miraculous Turn Around”

(Arnold) UPDATE

New PSA test was 2.48. Arnold is spending 2 1/2 to 3 hours under the Umbrella every day. He is out walking 1 1/2 miles daily and feeling great.

(Arnold) UPDATE

We just got the results of Arnolds latest PSA Test and it was 0.3. Arnold thinks the Umbrella is doing a lot of it. He never misses a day under the Umbrella.

Sleeping Through the Night

I have almost completed my second bottle of PC Spes and just ordered three more from you this afternoon.

After three days on the protocol my lower back pain was completely gone. I previously had experienced such uncomfortable pain, that I couldn’t sleep without using ice packs. Also, when I traveled an hour or more I would have to get out and walk around a couple of times.

At night I was waking up 4-5 times with the need to urinate and the pain disturbed me enough it was difficult to return to sleep. Within seven days after starting the protocol I started sleeping through the entire night. Only twice within this past week I had to get up to urinate and then only one time. Also, my urine stream has nearly returned to normal strength.

My energy level has increased remarkably and I am now walking 45 minutes to an hour on most days. I’ve recently noticed that lower abdominal bloating or swelling has been corrected, and my color has been very healthy.

Also, my sex life has increased. I don’t remember it being this good before. That’s probably due in part to being nearly 62.

There have not been, as yet, any side effects I have noticed. I am anxious to get another PSA. It was nearly 15 before the biopsy, which was taken on October 22nd. I was afterwards informed I had prostate cancer with a Gleason scale reading of 7, but bone scan was negative, and was advised to have surgery. I have decided to go the herbal route and wait and see. I am also trusting the Lord for His healing. The protocol apparently is the answer I was seeking.

God bless you and your efforts. May you prosper in every way for what you are doing to assist others.

50 to 2

I wanted to let you know that my father went back to the doctor last week and got a good report. His PSA level had dropped from 50 to 5 which the doctor was really thrilled about.


My dad’s PSA was down to 2 at his visit to the MD’s office last week. I could not believe it!!! It will be a year in August when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had a PSA greater than 50 at that time. Through the wondrous acts of God, he is seeing us through this! Thanks for all your help and assistance.


Prostate removed for localized cancer with metastasis to a spot on two ribs and extreme upper part of hip. No pain and no conventional treatment recommended yet. Presently out of these two. My PSA is down from 33.6 to just over l5. My MD and I are encouraged and I would like your advice concerning the minimal and most essential products of yours that I should use. I must be as cost conscious as possible.

Lower PSA Numbers

When we spoke last month you asked how my father (84 years old) was doing on your cancer fighting program with PC-Spes and I said I would send in a testimonial.

Fifteen years ago, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer with a PSA reading of 84. He was radiated and for several years his readings were 0.2 – 0.4. Two and one-half years ago, his PSA blood reading started to climb (PSA reading of 34) and it was suggested that he undergo hormone therapy. That worked well until November when he learned that his PSA reading was elevated again and climbing at a rate of 10 points every two week. These hormone (Zolodex) injections were no longer working. He wasn’t given much hope of controlling the situation and was advised to see an Oncologist who, in turn, said that chemotherapy was his only option when it became necessary.

I researched alternative methods of treatment and was referred to you by a friend. Last February I started my father on your cleansing program for cancer. After two months, he continued and the PSA. His PSA readings dropped steadily and, at the end of three months, his PSA reading was 0.4 and has remained at that level. His Urologist and Oncologist remain baffled, but very pleased. He feels wonderful and he and our family are delighted with the results.

There is no other explanation for this dramatic drop in his PSA level for products to cleanse his system. His PSA level has remained steady at 0.4. His is truly a success story and I hope that this information may help others who are in need.

“I have decided to forget about clinical trials and continue with the natural way.”

86 to 17

I wish to be part of the Prostate Cancer Club.

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer May 2000. My PSA was 6 and with biopsy I had cancer in both sides of the prostate. I was given zoladex, a hormone therapy, to reduce the tumor and testosterone. My PSA continued to climb and the cancer metastasized into the left hip and rib tips which is where I am today. I started on your cancer protocol mid 2001 along with a 40 day supply of the drug casodex. My PSA went from 86 to 17 during this time and I felt good.

My oncologist started me on Atrasentan, an investigational drug. This drug is supposed to attack the blood source of the cancer tumors thus killing any new growth. During this clinical trial I decided not to continue with PC SPES as I didn?t want to have anything affect this drug. Well it failed for me and I was taken off this drug October 1. My PSA had risen to 137 and I need a walker to get around.

I have decided to forget about clinical trials and continue with the natural way.

Robert Williams dropped from a PSA of 125 to 5.8

Robert Williams dropped from a PSA of 125 to 5.8 with his first bottle of StopPSAfromRising


Hal Towers reported a PSA drop from 79 to 31.8 in three weeks on the StopPSAfromRising program.

Don Riley had his PSA drop from 9.6 to 1.2 in a few weeks.

Bob Garlic had his psa drop from 5.4 to 1.6 (first month on StopPSAfromRising)

4.0 to 1.6

I just want to send a little note to thank you for your program on a healthy prostate. My PSA number rose to a borderline 4.0. My doctor suggested that I come back in three months. I went on your program a couple of weeks after my PSA result. I went back for another test last week. The test came back with a 1.6 PSA. My doctor was amazed. Thank you.

6.4 to 0.6

On May 1, I received an email recommendation from the nationally known diet doctor, John A. McDougall, MD, that I seriously look into PC-SPES before going on hormone therapy for my rising PSA. Of course, I quickly discovered that PC-SPES had been taken off the market by the FDA. My online searching brought me to StopPSAfromRising which I bought and took at the rate of 9 to 12 daily. After 41 days my PSA went from 6.4 to 0.6. Even after radiation therapy it never went this low. Needless to said my wife and I are surprised and ecstatic. My urologist is pleased and advised me to continue.

17.5 to 1.5

My PSA had been rising steadily for some considerable time——the last reading being 17.5 in Feb. –I was very concerned.

You introduced me to the StopPSAfromRising/Protocol program on the 1st March 2003 and after 6 weeks I took the PSA blood test. Lo and behold—-the result astounded me——my PSA had dropped to 1.5. Thank you!!
I am sure a reading of “Zero” is well within reach—-

My wife states that my legs look slimmer—and my eyes sparkle—-not bad?

Thanks again.

3.35 to 0.5

I ordered the prostate protocol a little over a month ago. My PSA was 3.35, and while that is within the acceptable range, I was concerned that it was that high. I just got the results from the PSA test I took last week. I went from 3.35 to 0.5! If my PSA ever is too high again, I know who I am calling. During the month I took the protocol, I wondered if it was doing any good. I did it faithfully for the entire program, and I am so happy I did. I cannot thank you enough. You may use this as a testimonial if you want to.

20 percent DROP


12.8 to 3.74

Thank you for your help. After my husband Jack was on the products you recommended for about 5 weeks, his PSA count went down from a 12.8 taken Jan 3, 03 to a PSA of 3.74.

We are praising God and telling all our friends. God bless you! Keep up the good work!

Jack and Jeannie Dexter, Running Springs, CA



8.4 to 1.3

When I started these products my PSA was 8.4. I was on the products for approx. 4-5 months. My urine flow has greatly improved. I had another PSA done and it is now 1.3.

Gerald Renninger, McClure, PA

214.6 to 110.0

On Tuesday, November 26, 2002, My PSA was 214.6. On Wednesday, November 27, I began taking four (4) capsules a day, two at breakfast and two at supper. Two weeks later, Tuesday, December 10, I had another PSA test. On Wednesday December 11, the doctor’s office called and said the PSA test showed less than one (1), and there must be some mistake. So on Thursday, December 12th I had another PSA test. On Friday, December 13th the doctor’s office called and informed me my PSA had dropped to 110.0.

357 to 130

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1992. I decided to undergo radiation treatments instead of removal of the prostate.

In 1999, I was put on Megastral. It helped for about a year.

In 2000, I was put on Casodex. It did not help as my PSA climbed to 350.

I stopped all medications.

I started the protocol. My PSA dropped to 37, then it was taken off the market. Unable to buy PC Specs, my PSA jumped to 357 and in May of 2002 I found out that the cancer spread to my back and ribs. I felt worse than ever.

I started taking StopPSAfromRising protocol. Presently, I feel much better. My PSA dropped to 130 and I am hoping that it continues to drop. StopPSAfromRising is a remarkable product.

13 to 2.73 in five weeks

Loren Jones called to say that his PSA came down from 13 to 2.73 in five weeks doing the protocol and StopPSAfromRising. His Oncologist is “scratching his head”.


洛伦·琼斯打电话说, 他的 PSA 在五个星期内从13下降到 2.73, 做协议和 StopPSAfromRising。他的肿瘤学家正在 "抓头"。

Now … he sleeps through the night.

I am dropping this line first of all to thank you for allowing us to discover you. My husband who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer for 2 years and was beginning to not respond to the hormone treatment. This was supported by a creeping PSA which was .03 the whole of 2001. His PSA in October 2002 was 3.7. He had been complaining for 3months about lack of sleep, since he had to wake up 4 to 5 times in the night. He was complaining about hesitation during urination also. After only a week of taking your prostate cancer protocol, he started waking up 2 times a night. Now, which is 3 weeks after therapy, he sleeps through the night. I would like to check his PSA, but I think I would like to wait for another month to reduce his anxiety. It has been a wonder that I ran into your name after a lot of research and desperate efforts to find natural ways of treating this deadly monster. What helps most of all, is that he is a strong believer of God. He has never lost hope, he has always believed that there is a better cure out there than chemo and radiation therapy that was recommended for him.

I have looked after a lot of patients that were receiving radiation and chemotherapy, I certainly did not think this was the way to go. He has been exercising and changed his eating habits. Best of all he has lived a very good quality of life. He has never taken a day off from work because of his cancer. The only time he took off time away from his business was to go for testing and to receive his hormone injections.

I have now added my mother in your list of patients. I trust her health in your hands. I had nowhere to turn for my husband. I trusted you from the day I started talking to you. You gave us such confidence and hope even before you started treating my husband. We really believe in you. You have proved your credibility to me and my family.

I look forward to talking to you tomorrow afternoon about both my husband and my mother whom I am very concerned about. You have been a blessing in disguise.

40 to 1.4 in the last three months

Ed Dority said his psa has dropped from over 40 to 1.4 in the last three months. He first had 1.9 and the doctor did not believe it so they ordered another test that showed 1.4

UPDATE: Ed Dority’s PSA is now 0.7

Ed Dority’s PSA is now 0.7.

5.2 to 1.7

Diagnosed with prostrate cancer in 1999. I used PC Spes untill no longer available (01/02). Two months ago, my PSA was 5.2; Now I am using StopPSAfromRising and it has reduced to 1.7.

PSA dropped from 16 to 0.31 – Look and feel much better!

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with PSA. They were very helpful in getting me on the road to recovery. I called them with a PSA of 16, went on their protocol, and 45 days later my PSA is 0.31. I went on a strict diet 30 days before starting the protocol. No meat, dairy, or white products (white bread, potatoes, white rice). I lost weight from 180 to 158 in 8 weeks. I didn’t drink any alcohol. They couldn’t be more pleasant to deal with.

PSA dropped from 84 to 1.72. No problems with Hiatus Hernia/Blood Pressure

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the StopPSAfromRising. My PSA was 84 and after taking the StopPSAfromRising for a month….my PSA dropped to 1.72. I couldn’t hardly believe it. Not only has the PSA dropped but I am not having any problems with a Hiatus Hernia that I have. For so many months I could not lay down for several hours after eating…now I can lay down anytime and nothing bothers me. I have had several tests done since and everything checked out normal. The Doctor said that my blood pressure was like an 18 year old. My overall health has improved a lot. Your company has made a believer out of me. There are so many vitamins and minerals etc. on the market that it is hard to be sure as to what to buy. Your company is very good, has honest answers, and so much free advice.


In 1993 I inadvertently discovered I had a questionable prostate. The end result of that was proton radiation at Loma Linda University in California. Starting with the lowest PSA level after radiation of .05 it has since climbed to 1.9, resulting in my physicians suggestion to curb it somehow and mentioned cryogenics, surgery or hormones and described the negatives of each – fully recognizing I couldn’t withstand any more variations of radiation. I allowed verification of an existing cancer by a biopsy with a Gleason rating of 6. Feeling 40, although I’m 73, I fully realized the debilitating affects of either of these options and took friends advice to seek alternative means. I started with prostate cancer as a subject, searching the web and after a couple days found PSA. “ The protocol arrived a few days later and I started taking them on April 11 and ended my 40 days on May 20. I took a blood test on May 25 (with tickling doubt in the back of my mind saying, “Now really, with all the advances in medicine, what do you expect to happen in 40 days with this stuff.”) and got the results of 0.01 on Friday of the Memorial Day Vacation as we were on the freeway driving to the Orlando, Florida area. My wife was talking to the doctor’s nurse and repeated it to me. I immediately thought she’s got that number transposed somehow……it can’t be that low! Well, 0.01 was confirmed and my vacation was truly splendid knowing I didn’t have to endure the conventional alternatives.

Did I mention the side benefits? My blood pressure generally ran 145 over 95+. It has dropped to 125 over 70. My weight went from 205 to 189. The scaling around my nose and eyes is totally gone and my skin is smooth over my whole body. I don’t tire excessively or feel exhaustion. I’m more regular than I’ve been in years — probably attribute4d to what is suggested to arrive at an acceptable body pH level. I’m a believer and will gladly discuss my results with you!

No Embarrassing and Painful Procedures.

Chronologically speaking, February 16, 2004, I had blood work done and received a report that my PSA and Free PSA test results were not normal, with a PSA of 9.3 and a Free PSA of 16. (Normal being a PSA of 4 or less or a Free PSA of 25 or more).

A urologist was recommended and seen who wanted to put me in the hospital for sedation to perform 18 prostate biopsies and a trans urethral resection procedure (TURP) before April 8, 2004.

Doing some web research, visiting the StopPSAfromRising.com, and after placing an order on March 25, 2004, I started the prescribed regiment. After 40 days, on May 5, 2004, I had my PSA and Free PSA blood work retested. I have just received the results via voicemail message of a NORMAL PSA of 0.9 and 0.2 respectively. I called the doctor’s office and requested a report be mailed to my home, as I now track these readings. These two tests will be repeated in 4 or 5 months.

Words cannot express how grateful I am that I didn’t have to submit to the biopsies and TURP ad that prayer and your products brought my reading to the low end of the NORMAL range. In addition, my weight went from 227 pounds to 213 pounds, which was desired and my blood pressure has been steady about 117 over 77. Overall, I feel much better.

Maybe by authorizing you to publish this communication on your web site, you will have some idea of my gratitude.

My Urologist was Dumbfounded

I received my news PSA score and have great news. After using your program for 33 days, my PSA went from 8.4 to 0.5. Thanks for PSA, I strongly believe this program “saved my prostate.”

In November, my PSA climbed to 4.4. My doctor tested me again in February and it was 8.4. I was referred to a urologist, who immediately wanted to do an ultrasound and take biopsies. I declined these tests until after I completed your prostate protocol, which I started on March 10. On April 12, I was again tested and had a PSA of 0.5. The urologist was dumbfounded. All he could say was “see you in a year for your next test.”

My wife and I are telling everyone about StopPSAfromRising and your program. My wife works at a medical clinic with a number of doctors, so this should be fun watching there reactions.

Again, thank you and a special thanks to help during the 33 days. I plan to continue with a follow-up maintenance program of StopPSAfromRising for however long. Feel free to use my testament all you want.

Zippy-do-da! I am so happy!

Once I Was Blind…But Now I See

I am a guy who just turned 49. I routinely had annual physicals, which included PSA tests. I went blindly along for a period of four to five years with an escalating PSA of 3.44 to 6.1, not having a clue that I should be doing something about it.

After a referral to a urologist and an ultrasound/biopsy, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. (Cancer in 10 percent of specimen, Gleason 6). I was told that the only real option was that of a radical prostatectomy. I began researching various treatments and became aware of the work of PSA.

I began a regimented protocol on Thanksgiving 2003. My PSA was 25 due to the biopsies. Now, 4 months later after strictly adhering to protocol, my PSA is 0.4.

The protocol was challenging and an educational process in itself. I won’t be going back to past eating and drinking patterns. I have modified my life so that I am now wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, yeast-free, and sugar-free. I continue to take maintenance supplements.

I would strongly recommend anybody to explore the program at StopPSAfromRising.com before blindly going down the road of traditional medicine.

Renewed Energy

I would like to confirm the wonderful results I have had taking the Chronic/Major Prostate Cancer Protocol. In February I became very ill with fever and was diagnosed with prostatitis. I was given an antibiotic to take after a PSA test came back at 38. After one month, my condition did not improve, and further PSA tests showed a PSA of 25 an then 33. All I wanted to do was sleep all day.

I came across the PSA website, was very impressed with the product information and testimonials, and placed my order on March 15, 2004. I followed the instructions as closely as possible and began to feel better each day.

I just had another PSA taken on April 21, and my result was an amazing 1.4. What can I say except thank you, thank you, thank you!

PSA dropped from 6.3 to 0.7 in just 5 1/2 weeks

Thank you “PSA”! My PSA went from 6.3 to 0.7 in just 5 1/2 weeks. To say the least, I’m thrilled with these results.

Once a skeptic……now a believer

As you know, I have been on your Cancer protocol for 1 and 1/2 months. I went into the program skeptically and originally only purchased the StopPSAfromRising. Since then I have went on your full protocol. When I started I had been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. I had a PSA of 5.37 and a Gleason of 7. I was told by several Doctors that I HAD to either have a Radical Proctectomy (cut out my prostate) or go on radiation therapy….Period, no other choices. Because I do a lot of research, I found out that my PSA indicated that I was in the early stages of my disease, so I felt that I should try some of the alternative methods available (That the Doctors do not tell you about). I found out about PC Spes. Further research revealed that the FDA at the insistence of the Medical and Pharmaceutical professions had forced the Company that made it to take it off the market. I found that PSA made an upgraded version of the product. I took that and other products for 1 1/2 months and my PSA was checked a few days ago. It was a gratifying 0.34. What can I say, I was ecstatic to say the least.

Doctors amazed by results!

My sole motivation to share my story comes from a face to face encounter with one of the most tragic situations in the medical industry today, I was diagnosed with an elevated PSA: once in 1995, again in 2004 by my insurance carrier when I attempted to increase my coverage, and a third time by the Red Cross when my blood was rejected. Dr. Tedyai M.D. (Urologist) at Kaiser Permanente confirmed the results with a second test, he consequently referred me to Dr Lee (Hematologist). While I was waiting for my appointment 15 days later, I discovered PSA on the internet. After following StopPSAfromRising, my PSA dropped to 19.5 by the time I saw Dr. Lee, he was so amazed he ordered a second test of which came in at 10.1, he asked me what I was doing to get my PSA under control, my response was that I have been pursuing all natural treatments from PSA, he was not interested, this is the tragedy. Although I’m not completely out of the woods yet, I thank GOD for PSA.

PSA dropped 33.5 points in 40 days

Good News!!! I just got the results for my PSA. I have been taking StopPSAfromRising for 40 days, and the results are wonderful. In January, my PSA was 46.55 and today, 40 days later, it has come down to 12.97. I will keep on the same plan.

StopPSAfromRising shatters track record

I have fighting a high PSA for the past 5 years. It suddenly climbed from 2.5 to 7 and has stayed between 6 and 7 for 5 years. Antibiotics brought it back to 5.5 but wouldn’t drop lower. I tried every natural supplement I could read about but to no avail. I learned of your product, ordering just the StopPSAfromRising and in about five weeks the PSA dropped to 3.2. I am now taking the rest of the products that you suggested and expect it to drop below 1! I am so very happy with the results already. Just started the other products over the weekend. Will give you an update later.

PSA Dropped from 32.3 to 0.87 in 35 days

Just wanted to share the great results I achieved after 35 days on StopPSAfromRising and Prostate Protocol. Two months ago my PSA was 32.3 and the biopsy confirmed prostate cancer in both lobes. Blood test yesterday indicated that my PSA dropped to 0.87!!! I am waiting to see the reaction on my doctor’s face next week. Thank for a Miracle.

93 percent Drop in PSA

I want to confirm the great results I have had on the Prostate/Candida Protocol. In late November, I received news from my annual blood test my PSA was up to 18.1. I searched the internet for potential solutions and found your site which impressed me because of the testimonials of users of your products.

I began the Protocol on Dec. 15 and followed your recommendations closely. Had a PSA test on Jan. 30 and just received news my PSA is now 1.1. I have never has a PSA reading this low throughout my whole history of measuring this factor. I feel great and very confident with your products. Please feel free to use my testimonial on your website.

PSA Dropped from 12.2 to 0.3!

My name is Freddie Everett and I live in Atlanta, GA. I can’t begin to tell you how tremendously pleased I am with PSA and the great results I have experienced from the StopPSAfromRising Program. my PSA was 12.2. Since using StopPSAfromRising my PSA has dropped to 0.3. I believe that StopPSAfromRising and StopPSAfromRising are gifts from God to help men who experience prostate problems. I pray that God will bless psa protocol and each of you for the great service and products that you are providing to help men with prostate problems.

PSA Dropped from 26.8 to 0.2!

My name is Jerry McGue and I am 68 years of age. The first time my PSA was noticed when I had a physical examination and blood test at age 60. My internist’s office called me to advise that my PSA was 4.4. They did not advise me that this was a precursor for suspected cancer. They did not advise me to have another PSA in 6 months or a year, just the phone call from the doctor’s nurse. About 2 years later my PSA was 8.4 and I was referred to a urologist, who advised that the protocol was to do a biopsy on my prostate. I allowed the doctor to do the biopsy and my wife and I went in for the results and diagnosis. The urologist informed us that I had prostate cancer. The urologist was quite demanding that the only course of treatment was surgery to remove the cancer. He gave us material to read about how many famous people have had the surgery and they were cured and presently living healthy lives. He advised us on the risk and side effects of surgery; incontinence, and penile dysfunction to name a few. The urologist was quite demanding that I take another blood test and that we schedule surgery within not less than three weeks. I advised him that I had other modalities that I wanted to look at. He was not pleased with my response. I told him I would need at least three months to try other options. He wanted to give me the injection to “freeze” was. We feel blessed to have lead to PSA. When I first talked to my wife about trying the program, we read all the many, many testimonials and we both agreed that I had been doing a lot of different things that seemed to slow things down but they never really brought the PSA rise to a halt. This program not only stopped the rising PSA, it reversed the readings to below NORMAL range for my age.

Thank you and God Bless!

PSA Dropped from 91 to 2.3 in 40 days!

Received call from Howard Carpenter stating that he received his PSA results. After only 30 days since he started our Major Prostate Protocol, Howard’s PSA dropped by 91 to 2.3.

Update (9-13): Tested PSA and results were down to 0.8…….over a 99 percent reduction.

Urologist Shocked by PSA Results!

William Bowering reported that after starting our Major Prostate Protocol 6 weeks ago his PSA has dropped drastically. Approximately 6 weeks ago, client indicated his PSA reading was 11.0. Urologist recommended he have prostectomy. Client was reluctant to start off with such a drastic measure and decided to try our Major Prostate Protocol. After 30 days, client reported that his PSA dropped from 11.0 to 0.8. Client stated his Urologist was in disbelief and requested another PSA test two weeks later, which came back 0.2. Needless to say, William sounded like is a very satisfied customer.

PSA Dropped from 47 to 4.7 in 30 days, then to 1.7 by 40th day!

In October, I found that I had a PSA reading of 49.7. I had no idea at that time that I had prostate cancer. In December I had my lymph nodes removed and in April I took 34 radiation treatments, which brought my PSA down to 1. Over the next several years my PSA elevated gradually until it reached back up to over 47 again in May 2004. My urologist said that if it continued to go up we’d have to start hormonal therapy in September. I visited my internist who suggested I wait until September and recommended PSA. I was reluctant to try the “alternative route” however since my Doctor recommended it, I started on one of PSA’s Prostate Protocols around June 20th. In 30 days my PSA was down to 4.7 and in 40 days it was down to 1.7. I can’t believe how well this has worked for me and I thank for his help in answering all of my questions during the time I’ve been involved with this program. I was not anxious to start hormonal therapy because of the side effects and am very pleased with PSA.

PSA Dropped to a Level NEVER Experienced with Conventional Therapies!

At the age of 47 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Put on my own to find my way to continue living as a productive citizen, a leader in the community, and a loving father and husband, I was alone in my quest to overcome prostate cancer. After long days and nights, and the torment of having to play with the Devil in my mind, I was unaware of the natural ways to resolve my problem.

After going through the sales process with a number of Urologists, whom had no compassion or concern, leaving seeds of doubt as to the course of therapy I would choose, I ended up at Stanford University and chose radiation and hormone therapy. After six years, my PSA was stable in the 0.69 to 0.89 range. Using no medication or having any other issues, I still had anxiety and fear when it came time for me to have my six-month check-ups by my Urologist.

During the past year my PSA has two slight elevations from 0.79 to 1.00. In June, my Urologist ordered my to have a full biopsy and ultrasound examination scheduled for July 8. I was not going to face the options presented me. Hormones or surgery to remove the prostate.

After leaving my family in San Francisco after my daughter’s graduation, I returned to my business in Las Vegas seeking an alternative. With God’s blessing I found PSA. I did not hesitate to order the Prostate Program and wanted it shipped overnight. Money in this matter should not be a concern, or a concern for you if you value your health and life.

I began my first 40 days with commitment, intensity, and the drive to live a full life. Today I am 30 pounds lighter, my pulse rate is 55 beats per minute, and my blood pressure is at levels that I have never had before, but today my PSA is 0.20, a level that has never been that low even after conventional therapy. I wish I had found during my diagnosis. I cannot express in words my gratification for his efforts, but I can express to you that if you subject yourself, or a loved one to conventional treatments before attempting a natural cure, that you are risking your life, instead of saving it. I volunteer my testimony to anyone who doubts my statements or results.

May God Bless You and Yours!

PSA Dropped from 29.3 to 4.1 in 21 days!

I have had a slow elevating PSA reading (29.2) and like many other men have always felt there was a natural alternative to fix the problem instead of surgery or one of the many other treatments. Over those years I have visited Doctors who believe in natural medicines, and although the medications prescribed did not actually lower my PSA no doubt it may have slowed the process down for me, but crunch time was coming fast with my Urologist lining up some treatment for me in the near future which I was not looking forward to. My appointment with the Urologist was dated ahead 3 months due to holidays so in the meantime I decided to check out the web sites and came across PSA, a Prostate Protocol was arranged to be freighted out to me, and since being on the Protocol for only 21 days was amazed after having a PSA test that my reading had dropped from 29.3 to 4.1. Really looking forward to my next test after the 40 days are up, will let you know the results. My best wished to you.

PSA Dropped from 48 to 3.3 in 40 days!

I can’t think of a better name for your herbal solution than StopPSAfromRising! After picking up my blood work form my local physician to take to my cardiologist after a routine physical, I almost ran off the road. While thumbing through my report I saw where my PSA was 48 and my physician had said nothing! Needless to say, after I digested all this, my blood pressure was 180 over 90 by the time I got to my cardiologist’s office. They wanted to put me on blood pressure medication immediately. I told them it was stress related as it is usually a normal reading. I immediately got on the internet to search out PSA and found your website on StopPSAfromRising. I called your office shortly thereafter and ordered my first round of treatment. My mind was racing during all this and thinking of all the horrible outcomes ahead. As a Vietnam veteran exposed to agent orange and a cousin already undergoing traditional treatment, I knew way too much for my own good. Now, approximately 40 days later, I have undergone a rectal exam and a new PSA reading (from another doctor I might add). The rectal exam proved normal and my blood work came in the mail today. My PSA is now 3.3!!! I can’t say enough about your methodology. I am going to continue with my treatment and hopefully get my PSA down even more.

PSA Dropped to All Time Low!

I want to thank for your help in defeating my prostate cancer. As so many men have, I had Lupron shots and radiation. It helped temporarily, but within a year the cancer came back. I have followed your program with StopPSAfromRising, proper diet, and other vitamins and minerals, and after about a year and a half my PSA is now down to less than 0.2. This is remarkable, it has never been this low. I am continuing the StopPSAfromRising with 1 per day and hope the PSA stays down.


My PSA was 13.5 and the Urologist said “Cancer for sure, let’s do a needle biopsy.” I didn’t want to “anger” the cells, so I took your supplements for 40 days as you recommended. Went back to the Urologist, hoping for maybe a PSA of 8 or 10. Test came back 0.8 – LESS THAN ONE! Retested at another lab – still 0.8! Needless to say, he didn’t ask for your companies name , you’d put him out of business! Now we’re going to test you on my wife’s pancreatic cancer, beat that and I’ll nominate you for SAINTHOOD!

My Way vs. Their Way

My PSA has never been below 4.0, but then in April of 2004 it was up to 6.8. The Doctor said that it was time for a Biopsy. I couldn’t sleep thinking about a biopsy and what would probably follow it. Cuts, burns, or poison…take your pick…that’s their way. So, I started surfing the net for an alternative solution. I came across PSA. I was thinking the same thing you are right now…Can this really be true? It worked for me. As of today, June 18th…just 42 days on the Protocol you can see it has worked by the results below.

PSA 6.8 to 1.8

Cholesterol dropped 42 points

HDL up 29 points

LDL down 77 points

Weight Loss 10 lbs.

PSA of 184.1 to 0.5 in 45 days.

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in May of 1995 with a PSA of 12.2 and positive confirmation by biopsy. Diagnosis: Both right and left lobes, moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma, Grade II, and Gleason Score of 6. My urologist insisted the only viable option and “gold standard” at the time was a radical prostatectomy. He told me to think about it for a day and call him back, but he said I can have you on the operating table in less than a week. Now I never considered myself to be a very religious person or even very spiritual; but I truly believe God was talking to me as clearly as if he/she had hit me on the head with a mallet and said, “Son, if you follow this advice you will die very shortly.” So I refused all traditional methods of treatment and instead sought help through a well-known expert in natural alternative medicine in Germany, who had a very good track record of helping thousands of people with near miraculous recoveries. I followed her regimen for about two years and I felt good but the PSA kept rising, although very slowly. Her response to me was: “You feel food; you’re otherwise healthy. Forget about the PSA; it’s irrelevant. It means nothing!” I still follow even until now many of her healthy suggestions, but I also incorporated other treatment modalities, including injections of Essiac on a weekly basis and acupuncture for almost five years under the care of a Chinese Medical Doctor, plus various naturopathic prescriptions under the care of an Oriental Medicine Doctor. All the while my PSA kept climbing. In August, it was 35.9. I stopped seeing anyone for almost four years. In March of this year, I decided I better get my PSA checked again, even though I still felt and looked very healthy. The result was truly alarming: On March 3, my PSA was 184.1 and the PAP (Prostatic Acid Phosphatase) was 17.1. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I knew I had to do something. I started research on the web and came across PSA’s website.

I received the Prostate Protocol in the mail, I hadn’t had my PSA checked since March 3; however I can only assume that is was at least the prior reading of 184.1. I started the StopPSAfromRising and the protocol on May 22. I had another PSA test on May 28, after only six days, and was amazed that it came back 67.9; On June 11, it was 5.3, and on June 22, after only 31 days on the protocol, it was 1.9! I just got the lab report from the blood drawn on July 6, and the PSA reading is 0.5 after only 45 days from the first day of the protocol and taking StopPSAfromRising. Truly almost unbelievable but for the fact it is true, and I have copies of all the lab reports to prove it. I can’t wait for another week or two to find out where my PSA will be then.

What a wonderful way to help so many people by what is happening with StopPSAfromRising and your guidance.

UPDATE (7/21/04): Wanted to let you know that I had my PSA checked again. This time it has dropped to 0.3 (99.8 percent drop since I started your program)

PSA dropped from 42.2 to 1.4 in just 40 days.

Just some quick info, and a thank you for your products. In June of 2000, I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, with a PSA of 23, and metastatic disease. At the time I was 55 years old in pretty good physical health, and utterly dismayed that this could happened to me. My options were slim in main stream medicine, but plentiful in the alternative realm. I have changed diet, increased exercise, increased spiritual work, and most recently added StopPSAfromRising to my regiment, as my PSA had climbed to 42.2 over the years. Following the StopPSAfromRising Protocol, my PSA fell to 1.4 in 40 days. I will be going to my urologist this week and am looking forward to him doing a digital exam. I am anxious to hear how my prostate fells, in addition to how the numbers have gone. Thank you, PSA, for the HOPE that you have given me.

UPDATE (8/2): Had Digital Rectal Exam (DRE), which indicated the lump on my prostate was no longer there.

PSA and Cholesterol dropped in just 40 days.

UPDATE (07/08): Just received my PSA results today after continuing your Prostate Protocol: PSA dropped to 0.3.

In February of this year, it was time for my 5-year physical. Although I am only 39 years old, I asked the lab technician, as a precaution, to run all of the tests on my blood that are ordinarily given to men over 40. I was called by the doctor the very next day and told that my PSA was 7.6. I was referred to a Urologist who drew more blood, which came back with a PSA of 8.0. The doctor recommended a biopsy. I decided to seek a second opinion. The next Urologist performed the similar tests with PSA results of 8.0. He said that he was 99.9 percent sure that I should have a biopsy performed. Fearful of the consequences of surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, I sought an alternative course of action. I thank God that I found the PSA website. I decided that poisoning my body back to health was not the way to go. I ordered the complete Prostate Protocol and took it for 40 days. After only 30 days, my cholesterol had dropped from 237 to 159, so I was confident that I was doing the right thing. Tears come to my eyes when I learned that my PSA had dropped to 1.2 on June 15. Words cannot appropriately convey the sincere gratitude.

PSA Dropped from 52 to 1.2 in 30 days

Thank you very much for guiding me through the protocol on how best to take StopPSAfromRising for maximum results. As you know, I was very skeptical that the product could reduce the PSA score and more specifically, I didn’t think it would work very well for me since I had not had much success with several other products that made similar claims. However, in what I can only describe as a miracle, 30 days after starting StopPSAfromRising, my PSA score from the same lab that had tested me in September and reported a score of 52, now on the retest report a score of 1.2. My doctor who wanted me on Lupron couldn’t believe it.

PSA Dropped from 15.3 to 0.83 in 29 days

Wanted you to know that I had a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) reading of 15.3 on 08/28; Started your Major Prostate Protocol on 09/13 and on 09/23 my PSA had dropped to 5.2…..on 10/04 it was 1.5….on 10/12 it was 0.83 after being on your regimen for just 29 days. I’m looking forward to a still lower PSA reading after the 40 days is over, I’ll let you know.

PSA Dropped from 3.9 to 0.3 in 6 weeks

I am happy to offer the following as a testimonial to the efficacy of your marvelous nutritional healing program. My name is Ross Moreton and I live in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. My PSA number had been slowly rising through my 40s and now having reached 52 years old, the value was up to 3.9 by late June. Based on this data, a trip to the urologist was recommended and arranged. During the previous year, in response to the rising numbers, I had made some changes to my diet, had been taking some supplements, and had engaged in some detoxification activities. However, this seemed only to slow down the rise, not reverse the slope.

Having about a month of wait time before my urologist appointment and knowing that the urologist visit would almost undoubtedly result in a biopsy and who knows what after that, I decided to get serious about this problem and did some significant research on the internet. Well, the PSA web site was by far the most comprehensive I have had issues with these in the past and I have engaged in several different activities over the years to deal with those problems on an individual basis (for example, have my mercury fillings replaced).

But this was the only systemic approach that I was able to find that understood the cumulative and synergistic nature of the several problem areas and dealt with them all in a holistic manner. I was very impressed with the program, and the testimonials were very encouraging. It was hard to believe that the advertised improvements could be obtained in so short a time.

I have been interested in nutrition and natural healing for many years. Based on this high level of knowledge I felt comfortable that this was a reputable business and immediately ordered the Prostate Protocol, taking into account the supplements that I was already taking.

The package arrived promptly, and I started on the protocol mid July. My appointment with the urologist was in late July and, as I had expected, a biopsy was the recommended next step. I told him I had just started a nutritional program and did not want to do a biopsy at that time as the punctures would allow further leakage from the prostate and influence the PSA value in an upward direction, masking the potential benefits of the program. Although he was dubious that a nutritional program would have any significant effect, he agreed to hold off and I set up another appointment for late September when my post program PSA test results would be available.

I took the supplements as per instructions with only minor changes to the diet I was already on, which was fairly healthy to start with. I had a couple of healing crises, one in the second week and one in the fifth week, both lasting two days and both having almost identical symptoms (principally nausea, extreme fatigue, and headache). So I could tell that my body was really working to eliminate some toxic material. Other than those events, I felt generally more tired than normal during the course of the supplementation, but nothing too extreme.

I really appreciated and I feel this is a testament to the professionalism of this organization. They are there to help you get well, not just to sell products! Well, I finished the program in late August and had my next PSA test early in September. The result came back at 0.3! Not too shabby for a six-week program!

Needless to say, I am delighted with the results and would encourage anyone with real or potential prostate or other difficulties to give this program a try, especially prior to undergoing any kind of medical procedure with its attendant risks.

PSA Dropped from 12.3 to 1.72 in 40 Days

Good news! I started your recommended program on July 30. On September 10, I had a new PSA test performed. I received my new test results today. My new PSA is at 1.72, down from 12.30. Thank you so much for your products. This is truly a blessing!

PSA Dropped from 37 to 1.9

About 3 years ago I was told my PSA was 17. My PSA kept going up to 37. I had tried various products, but nothing was working. I know someone who had prostate surgery and is still depressed and wearing diapers. I finally found PSA thru much searching, and I believe, the answer to my prayers. I am so greatful that they had the knowledge and resources to make this product available. My PSA is now 1.9 after 40 days of following the nutrition plan and I am anticipating it to even go lower. I have lost 24 pounds as of today Sept. 25, 2004. I have had such a load lifted from my mind. Good luck in your journey, I hope you will find the happiness that I have found thru PSA.

PSA Dropped from 9.2 to 1.2 in 20 Days

Praise God who forgives us our sins, and heals us of all our diseases. About 30 days ago I took a blood test to check out my PSA level. The results came back, it was 9.2. I had people at my church praying about it and I took it to the Lord in prayer and he led me to PSA. I then called up and spoke with Larry and he recommended the products I should take to help get my PSA back to normal. I took the products every morning and prayed on them, always believing God is the one who heals. I went back to the doctor after 20 days asked for another test and the results were great, the PSA was not at 1.2, GLORY TO GOD!!!!! My doctor wanted me to get a biopsy and all kinds of things, but I stuck with the Lord’s guidance and wisdom. May the Lord continue to use PSA and staff to help others with the same difficulties I had. I would recommend this system to anyone who needed help with similar problems, because with God’s help it works. God Bless you All!!

PSA Dropped from 12 to 2 in 40 days

In July of 1991 my urologist informed me that my PSA was 15.9. This was my first exposure to the test and the meaning of the reading. By July of 1994 it had elevated to 27.00. From September 12 to November 4 I had 40 radiation treatments which ultimately resulted with a PSA low of 0.5. By May 3 my PSA had elevated to 12.0

On September 5, I started the PSA Prostate Protocol.

After the 40 days of the protocol my PSA had gone down to 2.0. My family and I were and are ecstatic and are thanking God for the results. Since then I have been continuing the protocol at a reduced intensity and will soon be having another PSA test with anticipation it will result in a reading of 0.50 or less.

Thank you for introducing these products and treatment to me. God bless you in your endeavors introducing this protocol to men like me.

PSA Dropped from 193 to 0.045

I believe I am the champion of all your testimonies. I reduced my PSA from 193 to 1.1 in less than 45 days. The Doctor asked me to do a blood test again because the lab must have “made a mistake.” Completed another blood test and it came back .045. A third follow-up revealed a PSA of .02

PSA Dropped from 4.5 to 0.3

As a little background, I have been monitoring my PSA and it has been slowly rising. I was applying for insurance and the underwriter noticed it and was not impressed. He/she decided that the application would be “postponed” until such time that the level decreased. (Fat chance!) The levels were 1.5, 2.61, 3.7 and 4.5 (all in one year’s span). I don’t know why the underwriter postponed it!

After discussing my own prostate issues with my brother Martin, he gave me the PSA web address. I went to the site and was impressed. I was also skeptical but I decided to give it a shot. The bottom line is I took the products. Today, my PSA level is (drum roll) 0.3! That’s not a small number. I did not have a procedure that the Urologist was eager to perform. (Praise God!) “Normal PSA, for a fifty-six year old male is around 3.5.

In closing, please have your PSA checked, keep an open mind to alternatives, and check out the website. Thanks Larry! You’re not just selling a product, you’re performing a true service in educating and changing lives.

Free PSA Dropped 25 percent

I am so excited to tell you how wonderful the Prostate Protocol has been for me. After completing a physical in March, I was told that my PSA had risen to 8. I was then give two exams, but no cancer was found. My PSA was taken again 60 days later and my PSA had risen to 14. This PSA was taken from an independent lab and not the physical office, therefore I refused to accept the result. I was content to tell Larry my PSA was 8, knowing it had risen to 14. I didn’t want to accept the fact that I had cancer. I began taking the protocol on July 15. On August 23, I went to my physician to take the PSA exam. On August 25, I was informed that my PSA had dropped to 2.3 and the free PSA was 25 percent. Words cannot express the gratitude and joy that I felt at that moment. I am thankful. They are working God’s miracle. I am living testimony that the program works. I am feeling better than ever an I have had no surgery.

PSA Dropped from 32 to 1.1 in 60 days

In April, my PSA had risen from 22 to 32 in one year. I searched the internet for possible “natural” solutions and came across the PSA website. I noted the many endorsements and picked one from a small town in Michigan. the call encouraged me to try the program. This past week I finished the program, took a PSA test and lo & behold, the number was 1.1!! In 2 months, the vitamins, herbs, etc. had performed a near miracle! I am very pleased with both the results.

PSA Dropped 95 percent

THE PROSTATE PROTOCOL IS THE REAL DEAL! Abnormal DRE + elevated PSA (8.7) + low Free PSA (8 percent) = probable prostate cancer. Complicating factor: chronic prostatitis. Urologist prescribed antibiotics for the latter but said biopsy afterward was almost certain. Web research led me to PSA, but I was suspicious: their claims seemed too good to be true. Thought about it for a few weeks and had conversations with Jim and then Larry, and was very impressed with their knowledge and strong commitment to healing. Was also impressed by the testimonials. Finally ordered the protocol package and started my 40 days on July 16th. Very diligently followed the guidelines and observed the restrictions, although it wasn’t easy at times — the protocol itself was quite demanding (cabbage juice was a real challenge, although I found that adding one carrot’s juice to the 8 ounces of cabbage juice helped a LOT); and of course, there were some fears and doubts from time to time, especially because my prostatitis symptoms continued to be a problem. — my 40 days were completed on August 24th, and a new blood test done the following day showed me that my fears and doubts had been groundless: my PSA has dropped 95 percent, to 0.4, and my Free PSA has risen to 27 percent! The last step will be a trip back to the urologist to get another DRE (aren’t they fun?), but with such spectacular results I have no doubt that’ll be normal, and I’ll get an all-clear.

Bottom line: if you’re willing to see your high PSA as a wake-up call like I did, and if you’re willing to religiously follow the prostate protocol, I have no doubt your results will be very positive. You’ll realize that they’re on a God-given mission to help you become healthy; you just have to be willing to grab a hold of the opportunity.

PSA Dropped 95 percent

I am overwhelmed with the great result of the protocol I got from you. My PSA was 13.8. Eleven(11) weeks ago my urologist had diagnosed hyperplasia after 2 biopsies were done. I have been on Terasozin 5mg. for 4 years with no response. I got a friend of mine whose was visiting the states to buy me 2 bottles. Now that I have completed the 2 bottles my PSA dropped from 13.8 to 1.2. First time in 5 years. I am so happy words cannot explain. Thank you –Thank you –Thank you very much.

Keep My Sense of Humour – But Lose My Sense of Tumour!

I am a comedian/musician in the Corporate market as Len the Loser and also the composer/producer of the New Zealand musical Rush! So I have many exciting things happening in my life. In fact, I decided I am too busy to have cancer!

After a routine medical check up for my 56th birthday in May I was told that my PSA level was 21.7 when I went back for the results. I had never done a prostate check before so didn’t fully understand. Another test confirmed this PSA result plus a digital examination led to the biopsy on 4th June.This confirmed? serious extensive cancer? with all eight samples being cancerous. After a bone scan in July it showed that the cancer had also spread to my bones. I was informed that hormone treatment was my only option.

I decided that I had caused the cancer to be there so I was sure I could get rid of it without the “first option” of medical intervention. I went to the internet and typed in “prostate cancer + cures” and discovered StopPSAfromRising at www.stoppsafromrising.com The testimonials excited both myself and my wife and we talked with Larry in the USA the next morning. We were both absolutely committed to follow the natural vitamins & supplements plus diet as promoted by PSA.

It took approx 20 days for the products to get to me. But I also immediately committed to a strict de-toxing, water drinking, diet and exercise regime. I realized that my immune system needed a lot of help. On top of this I practiced relaxation and visualization techniques, listened to motivational CD’s plus consulted a naturopath and cranial osteopath. My wife as an ex – nurse did lots of reading and research and was a huge part in the process. We both simply refused to believe that I couldn’t get rid of the cancer. We were determined to give 110 percent to get rid of it.

After 44 days on the StopPSAfromRising regime I went back to the oncologist with a reading of 2.7 PSA – down from 41 after the biopsy! He put this down to ?lab error? and wanted to give me immediate hormone treatment. I refused and asked for another PSA test. This reading [one week after the? lab error?] came back in at 1.3!!

??t. Two weeks later .my PSA is now 0.6!! My Oncologist and GP have now confirmed that there is no need for any medical treatment apart from a further bone scan in November to confirm that the bone cancer has gone. They both fully expect it to have disappeared.

In summary:-

1st June – PSA 21.7

4th June – PSA 41 after biopsy confirmation

5th June – started de-toxing, water drinking, diet and exercise regime with visualization etc.

18th June – Naturopath/ Cranial treatments

22 June – started StopPSAfromRising regime

23 July – bone scan confirmed cancer in bones

23 July – PSA 2.7 [oncologist -?lab error?]

26 July – PSA 1.3

11 Aug – PSA 0.6

I have also done away with Losec which I had been taking for years and have? fixed? my reflux problem Plus I have lost 12cm off my middle – in fact I have never felt fitter and better!

However, I am amazed at the lack of interest shown by the medical profession at my approach to curing myself naturally. My case need NOT be a rarity and I am convinced that natural healing techniques should at least be suggested as a possible option in the first instance. It will not suit everybody but it sure beats being cut, burnt or poisoned.

I am keen to talk to anybody who finds my approach a little different and strongly suggest having a look at StopPSAfromRising at www.stoppsafromrising.com

AMAS test indicated NO MORE CANCER

My family doctor had treated me for prostatitis for years. My PSA started rising in early and by September was 8.4. I went to a local urologist for a biopsy on September 30. On Oct 4, my urologist called to tell me that the results were in and could I come by that afternoon. All 5 biopsy needles on the left lobe showed 75 percent of the tissue cancerous and all 5 of the test scores for the right lobe were 80 percent cancerous. A Gleason Score of 7 (3+4), Stage T2b. As I found out the urologist wanted to operate as soon as possible. Naturally, I was stunned, shocked and quite frankly scared. My father had died from prostate cancer in 1979 at the age of 69. It had metastasized and he didn’t last but about 7 months.

I began my research on the Internet, reading books and articles, including Dr. Patrick Walsh’s book on “Surviving Prostate Cancer”, which is one of the best books on dealing with prostate cancer. I called and talked with friends and strangers that had prostate cancer and had proctectomies, cryosurgery, radiation therapy in all forms, and hormonal therapy. I was scheduled for surgery in Atlanta, GA at Emory Hospital with one of the top surgeons in the country for December 20. On December 13, the nurse called and said that my insurance company wasn’t going to cover the surgery as they deemed it a pre-existing condition. I had just taken out this policy on April 1, 2004, having no idea that I had prostate cancer.

At that point I continued my research and, by luck or divine intervention, I came across PSA’s website. He gave me a list of men who were on the PSA Protocol and I called them all. Everyone had their own unique story but the results were the same. Depending on how long they had been on the program, their PSA was down and for those who had been through the initial 45 days, there was no sign of cancer. So I began on December 15 with PSA’s Protocol. It was amazing, the first night I got up one time to go to the bathroom. I had been getting up every hour and a half for months. The most I have gotten up is 2 times at night and that’s when I drink liquids after 7:00 p.m. On December 14, I had another PSA to establish a starting point. The PSA was 7.48. On January 21, I had another PSA test. It was 0.5. The free PSA was 0.10 or 20 percent. On February 14, I got the results of the AMAS test from Oncolab in Boston. The test measures the antibodies in your blood, the AMA or Anti-Malignin Antibody, which if elevated will give an indication if there is any cancer of any type active in your body. My results came back NORMAL.

As someone who has been through the lows of finding out you have cancer and talking with friends who have suffered from the results of surgery, impotence and incontinence, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to use this Protocol. I only wish I had found it sooner and I would have had the results sooner. I am going to keep watch on my PSA and if for any reason I don’t continue to get the results I have had and expect, I know what my alternatives are and will do whatever is necessary. In the meantime, it’s great to be a healthy, happy 52 year old with a wonderful family and friends.

PSA dropped from 10.8 to 0.1

I want to tell you that I found your Program to be successful for me.

When I went for my annual physical and found out my PSA was 10.8, I was floored. Traditionally, my PSA has been 0.8. A second test found my PSA to be 4.5. I refused the suggestion of a biopsy and immediately went on your Protocol. After 40 days my PSA was 0.1. The doctor didn’t even want to see me. An added bonus was that I lost about 6 pounds. I have since modified my lifestyle and eating habits as per you direction.

My friends find the results to be amazing and have difficulty believing it even though the proof is standing right in front of them.

I have passed your email address and phone number to my friends who could benefit from your Protocol.

StopPSAfromRising — Better Quality of Life

My name is Brenda Bivins and my sister and I ordered StopPSAfromRising for my father. We started giving it to him on the way to the hospital. I brought my father to Maryland from Alabama when he finished his last chemo treatment which literally tore his body apart. He only had three chemo treatments and his PSA was still rising. By the time I arried in Alabama it was 950. By the time I got him here to John Hopkins Hospital, my father’s PSA was a staggering 1,106. He was in terrible pain and he had started to hiccup constantly for hours at a time. He was very badly anemic and had to have two blood transfusions when he got here. He was hospitalized twice. The doctors put him on Thorazine to stop the hiccups, but they continued for several days. They became so loud until other patients in the hospital could hear him from their rooms. We tried everything. They just would not stop.

We continued to give him the StopPSAfromRising even while he was hiccupping. I must admit there were a few days I wasn’t able to give him the suggested dosage and I think we even missed one day because of tests. The doctor told me that my father was dying. I just kept on praying and giving him the StopPSAfromRising. He stopped eating completely and started dropping weight drastically. They told us he had a tumor on his kidney and one on his stomach as well. The cancer had already spread to his bones. The pain was terrible and you could see it on his face. I kept on praying and kept on giving him the protocol as much as I could every day that I could. It didn’t look good. They told me that they were releasing him from the hospital to a nursing home to strengthen his legs as they had become weak and to give him IV therapy for an infection they found. We had asked that they do everything possible to help him.

To make a long story short. The first nursing home experience was a disaster. All they wanted to do was dope him up so that they didn’t have to be bothered. But I stopped the pain medicine all together and he stopped hiccupping. He was on two duragesic patches, and two Percasets every four hours. He has not had any pain medicine in four days and has not complained of being in pain. He is now eating. His appetite has increased. He is now alert and today, he walked to the bathroom (still a bit weak) on his own. Before his urine could knock out a cow, it smelled so strong. It no longer smells bad. His skin color has come back. He is awake more and he smiles and talks to us.

I don’t knoww if StopPSAfromRising works on tumors located on other parts of the body but I believe it does. I also ordered some other products from PSA as well. Although he has not had the PSA retested yet, I believe that God has answered prayers via StopPSAfromRising. I believe that my Dad will be able to live a better quality of life and that he will live longer as a result of it. He is determined. I believe that this experience has humbled him greatly. I know that it has made me realize just how important my parents are to me.

I thank you so much for your attentiveness and for StopPSAfromRising and the other products as well.

I’ll keep you abreast of everything and if you have any more suggestions my family and I welcome them. It’s sad that StopPSAfromRising is not known to many other men who suffer from cancer.

May God always bless you!

PSA dropped from 4.9 to 1.0, Cholesterol dropped from 277 to 141

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in November 2004 with a PSA count of 4.9, Gleason of 7 (3+4), cholesterol count 277. My Urologist recommended “nerve sparing” surgery. I started doing some research. When I found PSA, I thought this approach sounded much better than surgery, chemo, seeds, cyro or anything else but, I was, of course, skeptical.

I started on the protocol December 24, 2004. In about 2 weeks I was able to sleep all night for the first time in years. In 3 weeks my cholesterol had dropped to 141 and I noticed that most of the yellow was gone from under my toenails. On the 4th of Febuary, my PSA was 1.0.

Thank God for PSA and the prayers of my family and friends.

PSA dropped from 5.7 to 0.5

I want to thank PSA for the lifesaving information I have received thru the Prostate Protocol program. I had prostate cancer 9-1/2 years ago, and opted for seed implant after a biopsy and a Gleason score of 7. Last spring my PAS had 2 elevations, though I had never reached lower than 1.7 even following the procedure. It now went to 3.5 I was told three elevations and I would need to take hormone shots or the equal which was not pretty. Well, I had another elevation in the fall and the urologist repeated my choices. He was upset when I requested yet another PSA . However, he said, even if this goes down one point I will not be impressed at all, It did go down very slightly and I decided to go to an oncologist for a 2nd opinion. He pretty much confirmed what the urologist said and set me up with an apt. in Tampa at the Moffet Cancer Center with a doctor he greatly respected.

My wife searched the Internet for alternatives and found PSA, after much prayer and guidance. We felt the Lord led us to the information we found, as many others have attested also. However, I told my wife it was just to much for me handle and perhaps we would check it out after the apt in Tampa. This all took place in September and October.

Well the hospital here in Daytona Beach had destroyed my information and I had to reschedule for Dec., hoping they would find some of my records and biopsies. In the meantime, my wife suggested maybe this was happening for a reason and I decided to contact 2 men in FL who had testimony on this site. They both encouraged me to give this a try, as it had worked for them. The results are proof that the program works to lower the PSA and improve your health greatly.

My first PSA was taken after only 14 days, in order to cancel my plan for Tampa. I went from 5.7 to 3.5! After 3 more weeks I had a very slight raise to 3.8. This was disappointing to say the very least, but take for 30 more days and after 32 more days the PSA 0.5!

Thank you Lord, , and thank you to my wife for persevering. Please feel free to contact me. If I can help one person it will be worth it. David Fredinburg, Daytona Beach, Florida

The next step my Doctor told me……Chemo Treatment

In August I made an appointment with my primary Doctor for a checkup, my problem was I had difficulty urinating. At that time, a blood test among others was done, the results showed that my PSA was at an elevated level of 59.2 and my Prostate was enlarged and there was a Tumor on both sides of the Prostate. A sonogram and biopsy were performed, indicating that the tumors were malignant. The next step I took, I visited 3 additional Doctors Specialist for their opinions, then surged the internet and searched all the information I could find; to have a better understanding of what was in store for me.

I then made my choice by using an Oncologist that treated me until December with Lupron injections and with Eulexin. By the end of 2003 my PSA count had slowly but surely started to climb and by the end of had reached 225. In 2004 I was treated by another Doctor due to a change in location, but I was still given the Lupron injection and, instead of Eulexin, was prescrived Kinaconosol, which made me very ill and put me in the Hospital. Besides being very weak, I ended up with pneumonia, bladder and kidney infection.

Without the knowledge of my Doctor/Oncologist, I surged the internet once more in hope of finding something in the way of homeopathic medicine…anything other than chemotherapy (I had enough of that poison). Someone had given me the name of a product called StopPSAfromRising.

I started the Protocol on December 12 and went in for a check-up by my Oncologist on Jan 5. My bloodwork showed a signigicant drop in my PSA count of 225 down to 21. My Doctor was a bit mystified. I then told him that I did not take any of my medication that he had prescribed and that I was using the prostate protocol. My Doctor suggested that I continue with whatever I had been doing and ordered another blood test, the results I will get back next week.

I am sure everyone that reads this testimony has heard of someone being cured of cancer my means of natural, herbal remedies. This Protocol was the life saver I was looking for.

I am so grateful to have come in contact with PSA. I have my strength back, feel good again, and see a bright future for my life.

PSA Dropped from 9.11 to 2.77 in 22 days

The following information summarizes the unfolding events involving my personal situation.

Oct 22, 2004, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer with the following characteristics: PSA level of 9.22, Gleason Score 6, Prostate Size of 66 grams, and a stage of T1C.

After doing a research of most intense degree, reading a remarkable volume of books, visiting several Urologist and Oncologist specialists, it was clear that my recommended choices were directly involving a selective number of conventional alternatives consisting of surgery or radiotherapy. Then, I came across your treatment alternative through the Internet. When I felt brave enough to seek the opinion of a highly reputed Urologist on what was his views on alternative medicine and holistic treatment, his voice altered and he became noticeably agitated. He was obviously totally against the idea!!! That made me feel even more undecided and quite confused of what to do. After very serious consideration and much hesitation, I must add, I opted to try your treatment!!! (I am glad I did)

On Dec. 6, I started the treatment with a PSA level of 9.11. Twenty-two days later on Dec. 28, I obtained a blood test. I was absolutely moved and most pleasantly surprised to find out that my PSA level had dropped to 2.77. I followed the treatments to the letter, never skipped anything, and the results made more than a believer out of me. I HAVE RESULTS!!. I would highly recommend your treatment to anyone who is considering it.

PSA Dropped from 10.3 to 3.15

I have been wanting to write you a note of thanks, and I am finally taking the time to say how much I appreciate the Prostate Protocol of PSA.

In early November, I received a special delivery package, “a miracle with my name on it.” After monitoring my steadily increasing PSA, which had gone from 8.4 to 10.3, I discovered PSA and its 40-day Prostate Protocol, which I followed before having my PSA level checked again. The next day my doctor called and informed me of the reading: 3.15. From a 10.3 to 3.15—a seven point decrease! My PSA level went from a notably high level to a normal level for a man my age.

You can read the full account in Watch, Fight and Pray: My Personal Strategy to Combat Prostate Cancer, my testimony which will be published in January.

PSA Dropped from 4.37 to 0.96

In Aug. of this year I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, a PSA of 4.37 and a Gleason number of 8. My urologist suggested radiation and the need to go into treatment immediately because of the aggressiveness of my cancer. Having just come through a brutal biopsy (12 samples). I wasn’t ready for radiation.

I searched the internet for alternative treatments and came across PSA web site. I talked to them and decided to go with the 40-day protocol. After 40 days my PSA had dropped to 2.3 It was decided that I would stay on the protocol for 30 more days in hope of bringing my PSA number down to 1. After my blood test results were in, the number of my PSA was.96 and the blood test showed no active cancer cells in my body.

Praise be to the Lord our God. GOD is Good.

PSA Dropped 90 percent in 40 days

I would like to thank everyone at PSA for helping my father in his time of need. My father had previously had radiation treatment for prostate cancer when it was discovered that he had a PSA reading of 24.

After 6 weeks of radiation treatment (any many side effects) his reading came down to 2 but shortly afterwards it started rising again, within 9 months it was back up to 10. I searched the internet for more information on prostate cancer and was lucky enough to have come across this wonderful website. After reading all the information and testimonies I decided that this was worth discussing with dad . Forty days after starting this program dads PSA reading is 0.1 with NO side effects. Once again thank you for being there when we needed you the most.

PSA Dropped from 9.45 to 5.17 in 30 days

I am proud to announce that my PSA has dropped from 9.45 to 5.17 after being on your prostate protocol for only 30 days. I plan to have my PSA rechecked next month and look forward to seeing how much lower my PSA drops.

PSA, Weight, Blood Sugar & Cholesterol Dropped Dramatically

I want to be certain that men out there with elevated PSA results are aware of what you and PSA have to offer. I can attest to the incredible results, as my PSA was 5.1 along with a blood sugar of 130, indicating borderline diabetes.

Let me begin by telling all of you a little about my eating habits for the past 30 years, at least. I am now able to admit that I was a “sugarholic” and proceeded to feast on lots of the ultimate condemned white foods such as sugar and flour.

At my last physical in September my weight had skyrocketed to 255, my blood sugar was 130 and my PSA was up to 5.1. Needless to say every one of these numbers was alarming! Alarming enough for me to hopefully take some sort of action even if I just took off the weight for my blood sugar. But, what about my PSA? Do I have a biopsy. Just watch it possible continue to rise? Just what to do was somewhat of a mystery until my wife came into my office and said she had found a company called PSA on the internet and they appeared to really have a handle on the PSA issue.

On October 4, I started on the complete and accelerated Prostate Program. I cut out ALL SUGAR and YEAST other than what the program allows, followed the dietary program and took the supplements that are part of the plan. Believe me, I had never been able to tackle my weight issue in the past, so I was somewhat skeptical. But the fear of what could result kept me motivated and on track and suddenly I lost my sugar craving which was amazing!

After being on the program for only 30 days, I was so anxious to see what changes had taken place with my blood work that I called my doctor and asked to have all the lab tests repeated and told him I had been on a cleansing program. I didn’t know what else to call it so cleansing seemed appropriate without offering him too much detail.

OK…the moment of truth. My wife called the doctor and we just held our breath waiting to see what the lab work showed. First of all…my weight had gone from 255 to 226, my blood sugar was now at 99 which is normal, down from 130 and my cholesterol fell from 166 to 132. The doctor was not surprised by these numbers due to the weight loss. But, the greatest news and what the doctor found odd was that my PSA had gone from 5.1 to 2.5 in just 30 days!

What I forgot to tell you was that my PSA had been ranging from 4.0, 4.1 to 5.1 over the past 3 years, so the 5.1 was not out of the clear blue; I was headed up each year. If I hadn’t found them I know where my PSA would have elevated to and where I would be today.

It’s truly amazing the impact that dietary changes have had on my entire life. Even though I had always heard how bad “white” food products such as sugar and flour are for you, who would have thought that just by eliminating them I could control my PSA and reap all the other benefits as well?

We’ve decided that I’ll remain on the program for the next 30 days, taking StopPSAfromRising and some of the other supplements along with continuing to watch my diet.

I really don’t know how to thank for sharing all his knowledge, always taking the time to talk with my wife and me and encouraging me to continue on. If not for the program I would still be chomping away on sugar and yeast and probably watching my PSA rise even higher.

As I continue to read and educate myself on nutrition, I now feel totally empowered and in control of my own destiny…something that never seemed attainable before. A quote from one of these books really hit home….”We dig our graves without teeth.” That basically says it all.

I’ve decided that I’ll stay on the plan with indefinitely and watch my health get even better. Is there anything more important?

PSA Dropped from 12.6 to 0.9 in 30 days

In March 2004, I went for a routine physical exam and my PSA was 10.9 (the first one I had ever done). My regular doctor felt that I might have prostate cancer and put the fear of dying in me. He referred me to a urologist and the repeat PSA was 10.9. The physical exam revealed a relatively small, dense prostate and no nodules palpated. I was scheduled for a needle biopsy and ultrasound. The ultrasound was negative and the biopsy was inconclusive, stating that cancer was possible but not probable. The urologist wanted to delve further with an in-patient biopsy but I refused at this time.

I started working with a local pharmacist on a cleansing program for my body and after 2 months felt that I was having success until my repeat PSA was 12.6. Now I was in a panic. Research on the internet led me to the site- After some serious thought, I decided to give the Prostate Protocol my full attention and follow it as directed. I started on the program September 19, 2004 and 2 weeks later my PSA was down to 4.8. After being on the program 30 days, my PSA went down to 0.9!!

By following the program, good nutrition and some lifestyle changes, I am enjoying peace of mind and good health.

Thank you, Jim. My wife and I both feel we were spiritually guided to this path. I have “I will remove sickness from your midst” posted on my door.

PSA Dropped from 321 to 17 in just 47 days

At a PSA of 321, the cancer had spread to my bones (left hip bone and pubic bone) and my body was resisting the hormone treatment I had been getting. The doctors gave me 6 months to live provided I was treated with chemotherapy. It was then that I discovered PSA and StopPSAfromRising. Following the drop from 321 to 17, one month later my PSA was down to 6. I am sure that my next reading will be well under 4. A full body bone scan showed that the cancer in my bones had all but disappeared. My Urologist is amazed but still will not recognize the product as it is unproven in his mind. They do not seem to have heard of statistical proof where death due to prostate cancer was extremely rare for tens of thousands of men (one documented report stated 40,000 men) and everybody’s condition improved. This last statement applied to PC Spes which I took for eight years before it was taken off the market – a criminal act. This was why my condition deteriorated. StopPSAfromRising is different from PC spes and has a greatly superior performance than any medical procedure where death is virtually inevitable within five to ten years or in many cases much less.

As I was in a bad way, I opted for the full protocol which, in addition to taking StopPSAfromRising, consisted of a complete 40-day detoxification and immune boosting program. As you see the results were dramatic.

PSA Dropped from 3.3 to 1.1 in 60 days

In December of 2004, my PSA was 3.3. Based on my age (42) and family history, the doctor recommended a needle biopsy. The biopsy results showed that I had prostate cancer. I spoke with several doctors regarding treatment options and most recommended surgery.

As I learned more about the recommended surgical procedure, I began to wonder if there was an alternate form of treatment that would be less radical and invasive. I discovered PSA’s website. .

After 60 days on their prostate protocol, I am pleased to report that my PSA has dropped to 1.1. and my AMAS test results came back normal. I am truly grateful for the incredible results and wish to thank all of you at PSA for your program.

Today I am Cancer free.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” This adage amounts of words of wisdom in a world where every day one observes men whose motivation is only ever financial gain and where we are conditioned to accept the status quo. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December. A friend who is a naturopathic physician advised me not to have surgery before investigating alternative treatments. After briefly researching the matter, my wife and I concluded that we could not allow conventional treatments until I gave a safe, nutritional approach a chance. It sounded too good to be true, but I could not ignore what I was reading and hearing. In March I was tested, with the encouragement of our family doctor, and today I am cancer free.

I am fifty-three years old and probably healthier than I have ever been. The future is bright with hope. Every man should know that with God’s help and with the support of a small circle of loved ones, prostate cancer can be cured. Thank you PSA.

PSA Dropped to .025

If you remember, we had a chat in early Jan regarding a problem with prostate cancer. I had been on hormone treatments for about a year but found it difficult to deal with side effects. You suggested at that time I take StopPSAfromRising until I had my next PSA reading that was March 3rd as you said I might get a pleasant suprise my PSA was down to a level of 0.025. , no more hormone treatments so will stay on the StopPSAfromRising as you suggested.

I want to thank for all you have done for me with your wonderful products, which I sure will recommend to anyone else with prostate problems.

PSA Dropped from 7.1 to 2.4

Well, here is another success story for you. I had my PSA test today (03/02) and it was 2.4, down from 7.1 a little over two months. I have been on the protocol for 47 days. Now I call that impressive!

In typical fashion, the doctor downplayed the result, saying that he was surprised that I had chosen the hormone route instead of a complete cure of the prostate cancer. He said that he could give me hormones which would lower my PSA to 0 (zero) if I wanted them. I told him that I appreciated his input, but that all of his modalities (cut, poison, burn) would remove my prostate and/or lead to serious side effects. I would prefer to keep my own brief discussion about his latest modality – cyroablation – which he had first mentioned during my last appointment. I mentioned my own research into HIFU – high intensity focused ultrasound – but the doctor did not seem to know much about this.

Keep up the good work!

PSA Dropped from 18.30 to .74 in 36 Days

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 2002 and elected not to undergo the suggested radiation treatment prescribed by my oncologist. Rather than subject myself to 33 radiation treatments, I decided to pursue natural treatment options. Unfortunately, I did not experience any success with these treatments and my PSA levels continued to increase. Using the internet for more information, I found PSA. After reading and researching the prostate protocol, I decided to order the information and products. Prior to beginning the protocol, I had my PSA level measured and recorded by my family doctor. The level at the start of the protocol in January was 18.30. On my 36th day of the protocol my PSA was measured again, and the number recorded was 0.74. Thank you, PSA, and to God who directed me to this website. My results have amazed my doctor and encouraged me to share my success with you.

PSA Dropped from 26 to .55 in 40 Days

I had no symptoms, just a routine blood test which revealed that my PSA was 22.5. I was sent to a urologist who tested me again, PSA 26, next a biopsy, 8 samples, all positive for cancer and a ct scan. It spread to lymph glands just outside of the prostate. Well this made me feel kind of panicky. My doctor wanted to start me on hormone therapy. I asked him, if I waited 30 or 60 days would that be life threatening or affect his treatments. He said no, not at all. I told him I wanted to hold off and read up on this and get educated so I would be able to make an informed decision on my health care alternatives. He said, no problem but warned me to beware of charlatans. So I went on the internet and found you and did the protocol for 40 days as you suggested, after all it wasn’t life threatening, and a money back offer. So after 40 days I went back for a new blood test and my doctor said my results were so low he was suspicious of the test. I told him, it’s suppose to be low. He asked me if I had been doing some sort of therapy. I said yes. He said I’d like to know what you are doing. I said I don’t think you really do. He asked, you think I won’t approve? I said yes, something like that. He asked why. I said they don’t teach you this stuff in medical school anyway. He said well I can’t comment, but it appears that it is working so keep doing it and we will retest your blood and do another scan in two months to make sure it is going away. I said OK, no problem. I asked him what my PSA was, he said .55. He said he had never seen anything like it. I was floored. I was hopeful that it would be down, maybe 10 or 5 but .55…holy cow….I can’t thank you enough for your assistance. It’s like getting a second chance. I have always believed that the big drug companies are like drug dealers, they only give you what they want to drag it out to get the most money from you, if you die they don’t care. Thank God that there are people who are devoting their time to help other people.

P.S. I have a few friends who said, What…are you Nuts…your going to trust your life to I said, well….yeah…just be patient, you’ll see. I have good instincts.

PSA dropped from 6 to .2

My radical prostatectomy was done May 1996. My PSA was 1.4 Gleason was 7. My PSA dropped to less than .1 and for approx. 2 years it remained such. I was given 36 radiation treatments after my PSA started to rise and it dropped to less than .1 again. During the fall of 2003, my PSA went up to 6.0. My doctor stated that if it goes any higher I would have to go on hormone treatments. Thankfully soon after that I found the PSA web site. I backed off on the amounts of supplements and my PSA went up to 1.9 ( 6 months ). I have increased my supplements and will see how my PSA is doing in July 2005. I will update you at that time. I want to thank PSA for being there. God Bless

PSA dropped from 7.7 to 2.8 in 40 days!

I started the Prostate Protocol in Dec. 2004 and by the middle of Jan. 2005 my PSA was down in the normal range. I went from 7.7 to 2.8 in 40 days. Sometimes I had to take the Protocol at different times than recommended, but as long as I got all of it in a day I was fine I would recommend the Protocol to anyone having a problem with his prostate. Thank God for PSA and keep up the good work.

PSA dropped from 85 to 7.3 in 47 days!.

In early Nov. 2004 my PSA was checked and found to be a count of 80. At the end of the month it was tested again and was 85. Started with PSA protocol early December and followed all recommendations faithfully. At about 47 days after starting my PSA was down to 7.3!

PSA dropped from 6 to 1.8 in 35 days.

I’m writing to report my success so far after 35 days on PSA’s Prostate Program. My story is as follows:

I’m 66 years old. I have gotten PSA tests with my regular medical checkups for years which always ran steadily about 4.0. Then, about 2 years ago at my physical, the PSA went to 19.0. I was immediately sent to a urologist who thought that infection was indicated because the rate jumped so high so fast. He gave me a course of Cypro. After 5 months, the PSA went down to 5.1. However, 6 months later it had jumped to 6.8. More Cypro did not bring it down below 6 (6.1). My urologist recommended a biopsy. It showed cancer present in two of the 12 probe needles, all on one side. The pathologist scored it a Gleason 6. No other envidence of cancer was found and I had no other symptoms. DRE was also negative. I was told I had various options, including prostate removal surgery, freezing, radiation, seed and/or “watchful waiting”. I was not told of any program or dietary/lifestyle protocol such as the one at PSA. However, I got books on the subject, including one called, “Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery”, which mentioned PC Spes, herbal remedies and dietary regimens which had been practiced with great results. I also got on the Internet and researched “Prostate Cancer”. Through this, I found PSA’s website and emailed for more information.

I was telephoned that same evening by X who described the program and I elected to go on it for 30 days. It required numerous changes for me, but none were that onerous that I could not dovetail them into my schedule. I did adhear to the program both in doing and taking what was required at the times and in the amounts stated, and I followed strictly the dietary protocol. Meanwhile, I got a 2nd opinion from another urologist and pathologist which mirrored what the 1st one had told me (Except the 2nd pathologist put the Gleason score at 7).

After 35 days on the Protocol (I couldn’t get the blood test sooner), my PSA was down to a remarkable 1.8. The Free PSA went up from the low teens to the high twenties. My cholesterol went down to 116 with the HDL at 38. This allowed me to discontinue my Lippitor. I am estatic!

I am now on the second 30 day period of the program, which is not as difficult as the first 30 days to follow. My family doctor says she wants a follow up PSA in 3 months. I am thankful that I found the PSA Protocol because I came very close to “biting the bullet” and scheduling major surgery which may not be necessary after all.

PSA dropped from 6.5 to 1.2, free PSA increased from 9 percent to 16.7 percent

Went for an annual physical, fall 2004. PSA had jumped from 3.1 the previous year to 5.6. PCP referred me to a urologist who put me on antibiotics for 2 weeks and when my PSA was redone Nov 20, it had increased to 6.5 and my free PSA was 9 percent. Urologist did a biopsy Dec and gave me the results just before Christmas. It showed 3 of the 10 points positive for cancer. Fortunately, I went away for a planned 2-week vacation and had a chance to begin searching the Internet for information and am thankful I found PSA.. I met with the urologist Jan 17, 1 week after I started the PSA prostate program. The urologist did not support what I was doing at all, but I continued and completed 40 days Feb 18 and had my PSA redone. Feb 22, I got the results and was excited and thankful to God and PSA. PSA is now 1.2 and free PSA is 16.7 percent. I think the first PSA I ever had was about 2.0, so the current PSA is lower than about 10 years ago.

I am scheduled to see a doctor next week that supports the AMAS test and look forward to the results from that test.

UPDATE 04-10: After the successful results of reducing my PSA. The Doctor finally drew the blood on 03-28 and then met with me on 4-4 to go over the results. The normal range of the “net Tag” result goes up to 99. My “net Tag” result was 84, which means there is “no evidence of disease”. I am so thankful to God and PSA. Without PSA, I was looking at either surgery or radiation, and both can have very undesirable side effects. So, I would encourage anyone who has prostate cancer to try the natural method of PSA rather than submitting to surgery or radiation.

PSA dropped from 7.2 to 1.9.

A routine medical check-up in October 2004 revealed an elevated PSA of 7.2 and a biopsy showed onset of early stage prostate cancer. Each discussion with physician and urologist tended to urge early conventional treatment, but I baulked at the projected side effects, and for the first time embarked on a rapid learning process about the disease. That’s when I found the PSA website. I was amazed by some of the testimonials, but naturally skeptical of their authenticity. Minded to track down some of those offering the testimonials, I slowly realized it wasn’t impossible to fake these on such an elaborate scale, as it would have been easy to demolish the whole range by discovery of just one flawed testimony. So I decided to give the prostate protocol a try as I had time on my side, through very early diagnosis, to revert to conventional treatment

I have to say the six week program can be a chore, trying to fit all the products in their allotted time-frame into a pretty busy lifestyle, and more than once I wonderred whether part of the treatment lay in the discipline of ingesting substances of such nauseating flavours that the targeted tumor would give up on life just to gain a respite.

All that is now history. Early Febuary 2005, I was able to seek a new PSA, hoping it may have come down some, dare I say a lot. In the event I was amazed to find it back down to 1.9 where it had been 18 months earlier.

I am delighted.

PSA dropped a point a day from 24.6 to 3.2 in 25 days.

To anybody out there who is scared and confused like I was

I was feeling like Humpty Dumpty. Do you remember the nursery rhyme:”all the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men, couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again”. That’s how I felt…No matter what I did my PSA just kept going up. (Weeks of raw foods, wheat grass and sprouts, weeks at a Brazilian Miracle Healer, tried the Macrobiotic diet and Living Foods diet…using all kinds of supplements and more…but my PSA was steadily rising as if I was being stalked by the devil himself).

The PSA Protocol dropped my PSA by about a point a day from 24.6 to 3.2 in 25 days.

When I called today for my PSA test I was SURE it would still be higher because I was so used to being disappointed and scared every time I got a new PSA test. Today was maybe my 8th PSA in 10 months of being scared. When the secretary told me it was 3.2, my first reaction was “oh God it’s 32”. The secretary said no, it’s 3.2 not 32…it’s within normal range for your age. I asked her to check the name on the report to see if it was the right person….Yes she said it was me…Then I asked her to fax it to me so I could see it for myself and see that my name was on it. Yes it was!!

I took the PSA test after 25 days instead of after 30 to 40 days as the program suggests because I was too scared and impatient to wait to see if it was working.

I was crying tears of joy after so many months of trying one thing after another only to have my PSA keep going up. Not only did the PSA protocol bring it down, but it brought it down to 1/8 of what it was in just 25 days. That’s a point a day! I think this is unheard of anywhere.

I only tried PSA this January even though I knew about it since April (I wish I had done it then). The reason I didn’t do it in April was that I have a refrigerator and shelves full of EVERY kind of vitamin you could imagine, and I was SURE that these PSA people couldn’t sell me anything I didn’t already have. Well I was wrong, their protocol is so creative and so original, it’s unlike anything I had ever heard of and yet is seems as natural as if it came from God which I believe it did. Honestly, the only reason I tried it was because of the Money Back Guarantee if they did not lower my PSA in 40 days. I decided to try it because I had nothing to lose. Well I did lose……I lost my high PSA!!!

Thank God this natural program works so well, because as I’m sure you know, the alternatives are just plain Barbaric.

God bless PSA. They are truly a miracle from God. Oh yeah…

StopPSAfromRising drops PSA from 180 to 12

I am 75 years of age and was diagnosed with prostate cancer five years ago. I was treated with hormone therpay which ceased to be effective. I have recently undergone radiotherapy because my cancer had spread into the pelvic area and groin. Since taking StopPSAfromRising my PSA has gone down from 180 to 12. The docotrs at the hospital are puzzled at this result (we have told them about StopPSAfromRising) and have now asked for a blood chemistry reading, presumably to try to ascertain the reason for my suprising PSA result.

I am continuing to take StopPSAfromRising which I shall request with my next order. I cannot tell you how grateful my whole family and myself are to you for your wonderful product and such personal treatment and interest in my case. God bless you all. Bill Beedles UK

Great Results with PSA First Seven Days 67.3 to 10.5

Just wanted you to know the great results that I have had with your product in exactly seven days. It all started November 13 driving back from my mom’s 80th birthday celebration in Greensboro, Georgia. By the time we got to the Florida line, I was stopping every 30 minutes to go to the bathroom. The next day, I went to my primary at which time they took a PSA test, did an ultrasound and sent me home with antibiotics(Cipro) for 10 days. On November 23rd I arrived at the doctors office again, this time I was not feeling much better and the doctor prescribed stronger antibiotics (Leviquin) for 10 more days. The burning sensation wasn’t much better than the first time I went in. He also told me my PSA was 67.3, the highest he had ever seen anybody have. He then recommended I go to a Urologist and stated that I need radiation treatments started as quickly as possible. This scared the hell out of me and I couldn’t sleep for the next three days. Not knowing what to do, I searched the internet for the next several weeks and came across your website. I had started taking 2 mil of liquid Saw Palmetto on my own twice daily and patiently waited for my package from PSA to arrive. I received my package of products from you and started on the Protocol on December 7, 2005 and had an appointment with my Urologist on December 8, 2005. The Urologist wanted me to have another PSA test taken since I did have an inflamed and enlarged prostate. I wanted to be on your program at least a week before I went back to see him, so I delayed my PSA exam until December 14. I followed the program strictly and only one day missed the Miracle Cleanse because I was experiencing such severe stomach cramps. I went back to the Urologist on Monday December 19 and he reported to me that my PSA was now 10.5. He suggested that I should have a biopsy done immediately, but I told him I wanted to wait 60 days because of the program I was on and he agreed after a much heated discussion to let me wait. He claimed prostate cancer is very fast growing and I disagreed. I had just finished reading SURVIVING PROSTATE CANCER WITHOUT SURGERY. Needless to say, I felt bad for all the other patients in his office who didn’t know about this program. I am 55 years old, have had an angioplasty back in 2001 with the insertion of a stent in my left ventricle and now have an irregular heartbeat. I also take Warfarin to thin my blood as well as blood pressure medicine. I have an eight year old daughter and I want to be around for her graduation from College and later, Marriage.

Everyone who sees me now tells me I look so much better and my outlook on life since walking out of my Doctors Office on that 23rd day of November has changed 180 degrees. I thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work with your products and I look forward to Stage II of the program. I want everyone to know that I was not diagnosed with Cancer since I did not have a biopsy done this time, just my PSA was so high that the Doctor assumed I had Cancer. I had given myself the HALO EFFECT. Tell someone they have Cancer and they get all the symptoms. It happens so frequently in this World we live in that everyone falls into the trap. So, I went for broke and ordered your complete program for men who are diagnosed with prostate Cancer.

Now I look forward to seeing the Urologist in 60 days and pray that my PSA is under 1.0. I now am more motivated than ever to stay on the program. As an added benefit, I also lost 7 pounds in those 7 days. Despite feeling miserable, I never lost a day’s work, I own and operate my own Mortgage Company and stay extremely busy. I look forward to reporting to you in 60 days my PSA score after I have been on the complete program.

PSA Dropped from 6600 to 328 in 30 days.

Once I started with PSA, my PSA was 6600. After being on the Prostate Cancer Protocol, my PSA went down to 328 in 30 days. After another 30 days, PSA dropped to 126. Looking to get it down to below 4. Doctors are absolutely amazed.

StopPSAfromRising improves prostate victims lives.

It’s been just over a month now since I contacted PSA and I’m about back to normal with regards to my prostate function and chronic prostatitis. Upon receiving your products I immediately discontinued the antibiotics my urologist had me on. I can honestly say I have not felt this good for over a year.

This past Monday for a second opinion I saw a Dr. Alexander at the University of Maryland, Prostate Center, University Hospital, in Baltimore for a evaluation of my prostate health and after examining me he indicated my prostate was very small, was apparently non-tender, and normal. He too recommended I stay away from the antibiotics and that I continue with StopPSAfromRising. I just ordered two more bottles and I’m following up with Dr. Alexander in two months. BTW.. they had recommended Prosta Q, but when I tried that product, it had no effect on my condition. I told him he needed to further evaluate StopPSAfromRising and maybe even fund a study.

Thanks for all of your help and a great product.

75 year old man drops PSA from 27 to 4.5

I am 75 years of age, and in February 2005, I was diagnosed with cancer which had spread beyond the prostate. The result of the biopsy and blood test showed that the Gleason count was 7 and the PSA was 27. On July 27, I started your PSA program which I followed aggresively for 40 days. This included praise and prayer (the Bible says, Praise makes a way for God to work). On the 42nd day I went to my doctor and had blood tests done. My PSA reading was down to 4.5 and I am feeling so much better.

I thank the Lord for His goodness and you and those that are part of the PSA family. God bless you. Pastor Allen Higgins

Improved Quailty of Life

I had an executive profile done that changed my life. I am sixty and pride myself in working out at the gym 3 to 4 days a week. In fact I am a powerlifter which means I lift heavy but to no avail my Cholesterol 284 LDL’S 235 Blood pressure running consistantly 140/95 with medication PSA 4.5. I mention the gym work to make a point I THOUGHT I COULD EAT AND DRINK WHAT I WANTED WRONG. I met with my urologist who had been monitoring my PSA for the last two years. He immediatley did a sonogram followed by a biopsy.

Prostate cancer was found he gave me my options-take it out or burn it (radiation) or seed implants and was rather pushy about it. I mentioned I had heard about a change in diet which he did not agree with. I followed the program precisely. Let me say I was skeptical from the start in fact continued to research everything on prostate cancer while I did the program. On July 12th I retested the results were unbelievable. My PSA 2.2 Cholestrol 142 LDL’S 77 and within 15 days in the program I GOT off the blood pressure medication today it was 127/72. Had I decided to listen to my doctor I AM CONVINCED my quality of life would have went down.

I am very attentive concerning alternative approaches to all health problems now. If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer do your research and do PSA’s program it will change your life it changed mine. I will be forever grateful for guidance through one of my toughest challenges of my life.

72 year old drops PSA from 1.1 to 0.3

Dear staff at PSA

it is my pleasure to provide a testimonial below for my father, Anastasios Amanatidis, who greatly benefited from the PSA Prostate Protocol. With our deepest gratitude, Savoula Amanatidis and my father Anastasios Amanatidis.

I am writing for my father who had been suffering from prostate problems for 10 years, No medicine, or combination of medicines, or the two prostate surgeries he underwent ever alleviated any symptoms or cured him. In February, at the age of 72, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent 3 months of radiation therapy treatments from March through May. As a result, his PSA decreased to 0.3 by May but then it began to slowly rise. On September 10, His PSA was 0.6 by January 27 it was 0.7 and on June 17 it was 0.8 by Januray 4 it was 1.1. Since my father’s PSA did not remain under 0.5 as hoped, the urologist said that the radiation therapy failed and that his PSA would continue to rise. It was too soon for hormone therapy, which the urologist explained is not a cure. I was determined to find a way to help my father. The Lord God answered my prayer when He directed me in my research to the PSA website. On January 13 my father began on February 19, his PSA dropped to 0.3, and our happiness is indescribable. The urologist was astounded when he read the PSA report and is very enthusiastic with this treatment.

From the bottom of hearts, my father and I thank for kindness and generous help and also PSA for the life-saving treatment. We pray that God continue to greatly bless Jim and all the staff at PSA for their wonderful work.

An 84 yr old’s Prostate Cancer History

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer about seven years ago and undergoing a series of radiation treatments I was left with a PSA of 4.0, which I was told was “good” for a person of my age. This held steady for approximately five years and then started to gradually climb to 6.6. At this point a consulting oncologist recommended castration as a viable choice. This was unacceptable so I referred to the internet to search for an alternative choice. Fortunately, I came upon PSA early in March. Following talks with Jim and X, I embarked on a program including diet, exercise, supplementation and lifestyle changes to achieve my goal. StopPSAfromRising was to be the mainstay. My goal was a 50 day involvement, culminating with a retest PSA on May 6. The fateful day showed success with a PSA of 0.6 and a free PSA of 0.1!!!! Needless to say I will continue with StopPSAfromRising in an effort for further reduction. My most fervent thanks PSA and I endorse the procedures.

PSA down to 2 from 48

In mid. of July I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. After studying your website and deciding to go with your program I made an appointment with my doctor and he was open to me going with your program despite the advice of the urologist that I should start a course of hormone therapy and radiation. A blood test was taken at this time and showed a PSA count of 48. I started your program the following day and 30 days later had another blood sample taken. The PSA count was down to 2. To say I am delighted is an understatement! I’m over the moon and wish to thank all and everyone at PSA. With warm appreciation, Sincerely Warwick Goldsworthy

PSA down to 2.9 from 6.7

My husband Dave hurt his arm in Nov. 2003. He is very skeptical of docotors, but had to get it checked out. I asked the doctor to check his prostate and PSA while he was there since he had never had either done. It was 261 on 12/21 the urologist did a biopsy. We didnt tell our family until after Christmas when we got the results. It was a very aggressive cancer and we needed to put the brakes on fast. dave was given his first lupron shot on 12/27 and every 4 months thereafter. This brought the number down to 0.6 but it was sapping every ounce of strength he had. Hot flashes came on with a vengeance.

On 08/09 his PSA jumped back to 6.7, so he got another $2,600 Lupron Shot. I continued to pray and search the internet for the latest treatments. You guessed it!! Up popped PSA! I read everything on the web site, I was convinced, but not skeptical Dave. I ordered Phase 1 of the protocol and it was the last present under the Christmas Tree for Dave. He couldn’t refuse or return a gift like that. He got one more shot in December, but he faithfully started the Protocol on 1/1. We had to wait for the Lupron to get out of his system to what was going on. We just got the latest PSA reults on 7/31 and it was 2.9! We are positive we can get it down further with a good diet and help from PSA. Thanks for all your help.

PSA down from 4.9 to 0.30

My purpose in writing this is to offer a testimonial concerning the very good results of taking the vitamin packed pill called StopPSAfromRising, offered by PSA. I’m quite amazed that one pill can make such a great difference for my problem, especially in such a short period of time. I am a victim of prostate cancer and I found out the hard way that it is very unwise for a man to let a problem like this linger for very long after he finds out his PSA has begun to increase beyond zero. I regret I did not pay more attention to what was going on during the few years my tests progressed so rapidly. I realize now I should have taken the time to learn more about this deadly decease when I first noticed my annual test results increasing during this time period. I am a World War 11 veteran, 86 years of age and have experienced good health over the years until I was fool enough to let these warning signs progress to the point of hearing the doctor say ” you have prostate cancer “. Looking back to the time in 2001 when my doctor advised me that I had reached the BPH level, I now think I could have avoided the biopsy and the condition I find myself in at this time, had I only obtained at least some of the vast amount of education concerning prostate cancer available at that time. Of course, hindsight is always 20/20 vision, but it is something to think of, even now. Results of a PSA test I had on 1/6/05 reflected a 4.9 marker, which prompted the doctor to recommend a biopsy. Results of this test and subsequent tests showed proof that I had an aggressive cancer, with a Gleason score of 8.

After listening to the doctor’s explanation and reading about the medical options of treatment offered, I decided to research alternative treatments available and spent many hours over the next six months using the computer trying to find the best answer. One of the earliest web sites I found was PSA and was very much interested in their program, but I was also interested in finding other medically proven choices to consider. I found many different ways to treat this problem by medical care, but all of them were based on the traditional methods used by doctors. During this time, I returned to and studied many of the alternative methods which I had found on Internet and became more and more impressed by the PSA site offering. I read many of the testimonials of prior users of their product. Since I was in a waiting period of about 45 days before my next appointment with the urologist, I decided to try and ordered the StopPSAfromRising product on May 19. In accordance with his help and instructions, I took the product for thirty days and then had another PSA test done, plus a free and total test. The following information, as shown on the lab report, reflects what happened in my case during the period of March 2/05 to July 5/06. Historical Results ( Last Six Accessions ) Collection Date 3/2 9/29 1/6 5/4 7/5 Total PSA 3.4 3.8 4.9 3.9 0.30 PSA 11(F/T) 6% 20% I submit this information in order to let anyone reading my case history that there are several good options available that can be considered, both medical and alternative. I’m glad I selected the alternative method offered by PSA StopPSAfromRising. I thank you for your patience and understanding.

PSA down from 4.5 to 2.5

I was on PSA (Protocol) for 33 days and rechecked PSA: It went down from 4.7 to 2.0. What good news. I was ordered by urologist to have a biopsy when PSA went to 4.7 from precious four years steady 2.5. I stopped listening and searched alternative ways and found PSA. Now I am on maintenance dose of one capsule a day I AM PLANNING TO SAY ANOTHER couple of months and measure my PSA again. This is a far less invasive treatment and I am glad I found PSA.

PSA remains under 3

I want to THANK YOU and your entire staff for the support ya’ll have shown me through these difficult times. I have been on your program for a year and three months and without question my quality of life has been maintained. My PSA readings which I get every three months have consistently stayed under three from 4.8 to-2.2, 2.8, 2.6 etc. Everyone should do their research but I personally believe your protocol– without question works. I will be forever grateful for the work you and your company does on a daily basis to help men that have this disease. I have said it before and will say it again doing PSA protocol may well be the best decision I have ever made in my life. My very best regards, Louie

PSA down from 6.2 to 1.8

Recently my PSA was 6.2, up from a previous level of 2.4 two years prior. In addition the digital exam revealed a nodule that could be felt. After a biopsy it was revealed I had prostate cancer with a Gleason 7 rating. The doctor wanted me to treat it with conventional medical treatment, but I decided to learn more about cancer and found a lot of helpful information on the PSA site and decided to try the Prostrate Protocol along with dietary changes. After 90 days I felt much better and my PSA was down to 3.4. In addition I had an infection in my gum above one of my front teeth for the previous 3 years that the dentist was closely watching. This gum infection totally cleared up after 90 days on the Prostate Protocal, a clear sign my immune system was healthy. At 5 months my PSA level was down to 1.8 and the digital exam revealed no bump or nodule, another clear sign of a healthy immune system.

Gratitude for the Protocol

Dear StopPSAfromRising, this is a letter of gratitude.for the past 5 years since i turn 50, i have been going for yearly psa screenings. my psa level was around 2.3, which was with the accepted range. last Nov. it elevated to 4.8. my doctors was strongly suggesting i get a biopsy. at that point i went on line and found various opinions on biopsies, which raise a few red flags. i also came across PSA after a few conversations with them and some of the men who had been saved by PSA, I decided to take a chance on this man, who sounded very confident in what he was saying. at first he started me on his silver product, which lowered my psa to 3.5 and then i started the 90 day protocol. my free psa at that point was 15. so i was a little concerned with the psa and free psa numbers. within 90 days my psa dropped to 2.3 and free psa went up to 20 , which was a big improvement. i continued on it for another 30 days and now my psa is 1.2, which is lower than I have ever had, and my free psa is 26. these scores are amazing. i am now continuing with a maintenance program to assure good prostate health. i am so grateful to this program. besides the remedies, it is also great to know other alternatives that work, that are non evasive and inexpensive. so again, i highly recommend the program which has worked so well for me and strongly suggest that you explore options before you blindly follow your doctor’s suggestions. thanks!

PSA down from 16,000 to 131 in just 90 days

I had been feeling very ill since the fall, thinking that I had walking pneumonia, I finally went to the Hospital on February 13th. I was given an appointment to see a Doctor on the 16th. At that time, I was unable to walk without great effort, or even dress myself without taking a break. I ached all over; my bones hurt, I could not get comfortable, had trouble sleeping. The Dr. did a complete physical, blood work and sent me for a chest x-ray. My PSA was 16,000+. Yes, that is correct 16000. This was the hightest PSA he had ever seen in his many years of practicing. I was shocked to say the least. He then sent me for a complete bone scan on February 22nd, which showed the cancer had metastasis to the bone.

On February 27th, I was referred to an Oncologist who did an echo exam and a biopsy of the prostrate. I had a Gleason score of 7. He wanted to remove the testicles to eliminate testosterone. I refused and was put on Hormonal Therapy of Casodex and Lupron. The Dr. of course was not happy with my decision not to have surgery. My wife, who had already been looking on line, for an Alternative method of treating my cancer was not satisfied with this Doctor. Not agreeing with his opinions and suggestion of surgery mentioned PSA to him and was rebuffed by the Dr., with his comment of “you can find anything on line”. The next day, February 28th, she contacted X at PSA and asked him if he could help. He said that if he couldn’t that no one could. We elected to go with the 90-day program of PSA and have never regretted it. I started this program on March 4th, changing my whole way of eating and believing that I was going to beat this. It was difficult at first. In the meantime, the Oncologist sent me to a Cancer Specialist for the Lupron shots. He suggested for my weight loss, that I should eat white potatoes, and foods with high Sugar content.

Even I know that sugar feeds the Cancer Cells, so this was not even an option. I had gone from 175 lbs down to 115. My weight has now stabilized and I am even gaining weight. 32 days after starting with the PSA program, my PSA was down to 1120, and on June 13th my PSA was 131. I am very pleased with the results. The PSA is still high, but a remarkable decrease, and I have ever reason to believe it will continue to decrease. I have elected to continue on this path of PSA. I believe that next time I have a PSA test that it will be in the acceptable range. If it weren’t for my wife finding PSA and their help, I feel that I would either not be here today, or at the least totally helpless. And I thank God for all the answered prayers and a chance for a longer life. I would definitely recommend PSA.

PSA down

I thank the Lord God who is my healer. In Feb., my PSA was 3.25. Doctor wanted a re-test a few days later which came back at 3. He referred me to a urologist who wanted a biopsy. The Lord allowed me to locate PSA was incredibly helpful and encouraging. After being on the protocol for two months, my PSA went to 2.1. Thank you PSA and praise and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

With gratitude

37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

38 This is the first and great commandment.

39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. 40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. Matthew 22:37-40

PSA down to 3.26 from 24.5

My father was diagnosed with early prostate cancer in 1999 with a Gleason score of 7. He was advised by the doctor to have the surgery and have it removed. And he did… but a few months later his PSA started creeping up slowly and they realized that they must have not gotten it all. He was put on hormonal shots every three months and was monitored. His PSA would always fluctuate from almost non detectable to sometimes as high as 34.5 (which was a year and half ago).

However they never did more than just give him the injections. In January was the first time they decided to check and see if it has spread. My father had the bone scan done later that month. Early February it was determined that yes it had mastsized to his ribs, spine and neck. His PSA at that time was at 24.5. The oncologist told us that he had about a 1 1/2 to 2 years at the most. And his only option was to do chemo or try some vaccines which would only prolong his life by a few months. I was not excepting that.. Not my father who is a 71 year old man that is so active still and still will not retire ( he is a phone tech and is still climbing the telephone poles and crawling under the houses) he is too full of life. Thank goodness he is also a stubborn guy and has great will power as well and he too said he would not go down with out a fight! The doctor started him on another form of hormone reduction (it’s a form of anti-bacterial pill) and also on Hydrocortisone. He also had him do once a month a treatment of zomata (which was to help with bone pain- which my father had none of) that treatment stopped in April because it was affecting his kidney. The doctor did not think that these would help much but was worth a shot. Meanwhile, I was determined to find out about other options. I went on the internet and did major research and found PSA. Read everything and all the testimonials and then called to find out more about it. Spoke with Jim first and he told me what it all consisted of and I figured what do we have to lose? I ordered everything and we waited for the stuff to come and in the mean time my father started the strict diet that was on their site. When the products came in mid February my father started the plan right away. He had an appointment with the oncologist on February 27 and his PSA level had dropped from 24.5 to 15.3. (he was only on the program for a little over a week) We were so exited! The doctor said “hey, Do you want to do chemo or just keep doing this?” We said no chemo until it is a last resort! He said okay and see us in a month. In March though it went up to 18 and we kind of were disappointed and a little skeptical. Jim and X both said not to worry and keep doing what we were doing. Both said it was not a set back! Sure enough in April it went down to 12. 3 and last month in May it was down to 3.26 (we never expected it to go that low- we were hoping for single digits but nothing like that! So in 3 months it went from 24.5-3.26. We are so excited and we are very hopeful.. The doctor however was very very surprised and said “hmm.. Not sure how this happened and how it got so low, but I accept it! The tests don’t’ lie” he also mentioned that the cancer is not growing and more. Oh and by the way- the doctor does not know what we are doing… since doctors don’t believe in this and will not endorse it! I know my father will beat this and/or will have a much longer and better life than what the “doctors” predict! Will keep you posted on his results!! Best


I had some prostate cancer diagnosed by a biopsy in November 1999. I went on a nutrition program that included carrot juice and eating a lot of salads. In the fall of 2000, no cancer was found in a follow-up biopsy. I continued the carrot juicing regimen until February of 2005. During the period my PSA values ranged from 2.5 to 4.5. I had another PSA test in January, and the result was 5.65. I did not have another biopsy, but I searched the Internet for articles regarding PSA results and came across the PSA website, ordering StopPSAfromRising via the Internet, and he started me on a regimen of Surcan and StopPSAfromRising, which I started taking together on February 5. I had another PSA test on April 14. I found out on April 19 that my PSA reading was 2.2 and my free PSA was 50%! I am now taking StopPSAfromRising on a maintenance basis. I am thankful to the Lord for leading me to the PSA website and for using the prostate products to help me physically. I am also grateful for his concern and consultations.

PSA dropped from 21.5 to .1

As I indicated to you when we first spoke in June, I had been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer 10 years earlier. The tests indicated a locally aggressive cancer staged T3C, with a gleason score of 7 (4+3). There appeared to be extracapsular extension and penetration into the right superior neuro vascular bundle and right seminal vesicle involving the right base, right mid, right apec. Up to 90 percent of the core length contained Prostate Cancer. There was also evidence of perineural invasion. Androgen therapy deprivation with or without chemotherapy was advised. Alternatively, radiation was also recommended.

Obviously, this was a serious situation and I had to make a quick decision as to which path to take because I had to begin treatment immediately. While not disconnecting from my conventional physicians, I elected to work with you. Our agreement being that I would give your protocol 90 days to become effective. If it failed, I would then initiate more conventional medical treatment. As you know by now, my PSA dropped to .2 in November and to .1 in December. My Free PSA is 50%. I am excited about your new Prostate Cancer Protocol and look forward to continued success. Thanks again for all your help, support, and encouragement. I am most grateful and appreciative.

PSA dropped from 14.1 to 1.44, AMAS test indicated normal range

I may be a little different than most . I am 42 with no symptoms,normal DRE and a long distance runner. On August 31 my doctor requested something new with my annual physical and cholesterol test, a PSA test. My PSA came back 15.98 and a PSA II of 7 percent. My doctor referred me to a urologist. Again, I retook the PSA II on 09-21 to rule out a non-cancerous PSA spike—It came back at 14.1 and 7.1 percent–PSA II. Of course he wanted to Biopsy, but I began my alternative at PSA since 09-1 as well as calling the testimonials. One had died but the living ones said PSA was the real deal. As I am a skeptic, I set up a base line before beginning the Protocol. I took the AMAS test on 09-26 and received a “Borderline Result” S-tag(232),F-tag(132),Net-tag(100).

I began the PSA Protocol on Oct 12, 2004 and followed it exactly. After the first 30 days (11/15) my PSA II was down to 7.02 and 9 percent. Not perfect but at least heading in the right direction. My new Amas test results on 11/18 was in the “normal range” but not perfect. As I was scheduled for an ultrasound with UCSF Urologic/Oncology dept. on 11/22 I followed thru with it.The results were inconclusive but suspicious. I followed the protocol exactly and my new PSA II test on 12/23 was down to 1.24 and 12 percent. As I was scheduled months ago for a Biopsy on 01/31, my WIFE and I decided to go along and get a confirmation that the Protocol worked. I took my final labs on 1/24 with a PSA II of 1.44 and 14 percent. My AMAS on 01/26 remained in the Normal range with even lower numbers (almost perfect)S-tag(135),Ftag(105) and net-tag(30).I took the Biopsy on 1/31 with 15 samples taken. ALL SECTIONS CAME OUT BENIGN. I have continued the maintenance program , diet and prayers. I am very thankful that God has blessed our family. I would gladly share my experiences with anyone.

PSA dropped from 58 to 0.06 in 32 days

My PSA was 58 and could not get it down. After 32 days of being on your products, my PSA dropped to 0.06. I would not have thought it would have been this low. This is the lowest it has ever been since I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

PSA dropped from 5.6 to 3.2 in 32 days

Doctor wanted to do biopsy, stating I could have prostate cancer with a PSA of 5.6. Started on PSA products and after 32 days my PSA dropped to 3.2. Will get a new PSA within the next 30 days and will update this information. I also plan to get a colon doppler sonogram. It is non-invasive and as PSA indicated that the PSA increase may only be due to prostatitis. I am very happy to have found PSA.


I have had Prostatitis for over 8 to 9 years. It would come and go and my PSA would average from 4 to 6 almost at any given time. I had tried many different drugs to help deal with this issue but to no avail. I got on the internet and found PSA Prostatitis Protocol. I have been on this Protocol for over 60 days now and the fungal infection is gone. I feel great and this Protocol did within 30 days what the drugs would not do. I have not had a new PSA yet. I will have one in Sept at my next Doctor’s visit. I want to thank PSA for having the products and experience to deal with this issue.

PSA dropped 4.4 to 0.3 in 30 days

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer with a Gleason Score of 6 and a PSA of 4.4. Perhaps you can imagine the joy my wife and I had when we received the email from our Doctor saying my PSA had dropped from 4.4 to 0.3 after only 30 days on your regime. RCOG says 0.2 is cure level when it is achieved and maintained following their seed implantation and external beam. To be sooooo close called for a few moments of prayful gratitude and a celebration so we went out to Brio’s and had a wonderful meal.

I look forward to talking to you following the next PSA in about 30 days.

PSA went from 486 to 0.2

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in late 1999. My first approach was to try many different herbs and natural products to control my prostate cancer after battling this for several years. My PSA had reached up to 486. Found PSA and got on their recommended Protocol for 6 months at which time I got a new PSA. After nearly 6 months my PSA went down to 0.2 (almost undetectable). This Protocol was an answer to my prayers.

Elevated PSA – 9.4 to 2.9 in 30 days

I want to thank PSA for saving me from a biopsy that my Doctor wanted me to have. About 2 weeks ago I had my routine physical and since I’m over the age of 50, my Doctor recommended I have my PSA tested. Within a few days, the Doctor’s office called and told me my PSA was very high at 9.4 and that I needed to see the Doctor ASAP. Within a week, I followed up with a Doctor’s visit at which time he advised me to go see a Urologist since he thought I have Prostate Cancer and needed a Biopsy right away.

I talked with my wife about this and she suggested I do what the Doctor told me to do, that she did not want to lose me. I told her that I wanted to wait a few days and think it over. A couple days later I ran into an old friend of mine who told me I needed to call PSA.

I decided to go on their program for 60 days until my next PSA test. After 30 days, I decided to go ahead and get a PSA test and my PSA was already down to 2.9. Of course, I was very pleased. PSA advised I have a color doppler sonogram completed. I took their advice and the Urologist advised me that he saw no sign of cancer but he did see some inflammation present and for me not to overly concerned.

If I had listened to my Doctor and my wife I would have done the Biopsy for no reason. I want to thank PSA and their staff for having the knowledge to direct me into the right direction.

PSA declined from 15.3 to 2.3 in 32 days

Started on PSA program and after 32 days PSA went from 15.3 to 2.3. I am very pleased. My Doctor said to keep doing what I have been doing. He was very pleased.

PSA declined from 7 to 2.9 in 36 days

Called PSA after being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer (PSA 7; Gleason 7) and was very reluctant to start the program however I decided to go ahead. After 36 days, my PSA went from 7 down to 2.9 and would have probably been lower had I watched my diet closer. If you have Prostate Cancer, I urge you to try their program – I am very very Happy!

Follicular Lymphoma

In July, I enrolled in the PSA program because I have Follicular Lymphoma. The side effects that I was experiencing after Chemotherapy began to respond and disappear. My energy has returned and the visible enlarged lymph nodes have diminished in size. I have been very pleased with the results and the contacts with your staff have been positive and so helpful. My friends and acquaintances are aware that I am choosing an alternative to chemotherapy and are watching with great interest and support.

PSA, Cholesterol and Weight declined dramatically.

I had my prostate removed 2 years ago with a PSA of 9 Gleason 6. Approximately 6 months ago my PSA moved back up to 3.5. Thirty days later, my Doctor wanted me to start on Lupron. I did some research on Lupron and decided I did not like this idea. I got on the internet and found PSA. I started on the program they recommended and within 30 days my PSA went to .01. In addition, my cholesterol went from over 240 to 190. I also lost 20 pounds that I needed to lose of course.


After a PSA of 1.2 in 5-06 and now a PSA of 1.3 in 11-06. This is proof that the prostate protocol is working. My overall health is much better, my immune system is much stronger. My energy level is great, I feel like a 20-year-old again (I’m 54). All my body functions are normal. I live life everyday now with confidence and peace. God bless you.

P.S. Don’t expect your Dr to be thrilled with your success, He is no longer making money off you now.

Original Testimonial

After my 50th Birthday I went for a physical 11-02. The doctor found a nodule on my prostate. After a biopsy I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My PSA was 2.2 with a Gleeson score of 6. Around April of 03 I went to Cancer Treatment Centers of America and had Brachytherapy (not the seeds) followed by five weeks of external beam radiation. My urethra was burned and I suffered from rectal irritation and bleeding. I had surgery to repair my urethra because I was unable to urinate. I was put on two prescriptions one to relax the prostate so I could urinate and then the other was to keep me from going too frequently. I was also told that I would have to be on these medicines the rest of my life… My sex life was ruined I suffered extreme pain and burning during urination. I was told my treatments and PSA would go down, but they never did. In the summer of 2005 my PSA went up to 4.7. I was told my treatments did not work. My urologist and oncologist told me there was nothing they could do for me. My only option was Cryotherpey. My options were few and only 53 years old. I already had an appointment for the Cryotherapy when my wife discovered the website for PSA Prostate Protocol. After doing some research I called X and he sent me some information. I went on the Prostate Protocol mid October 2005, in two weeks the symptoms started to subside. By mid December of 2005 the urinary burning and rectal bleeding were 90% better and I no longer was on any prescriptions. I got my sex life back and I have the energy of a 20 year old. My PSA went down to 2.11. I have been given my life back again. I now have hope for a long healthy life. Thank you and God Bless

Feeling better than ever

Hi! I have been on the candida cleanse for about a month and a half now. I wanted to let you know that I am feeling so much better than I had for a long long time. I know this is just the beginning though. I have struggled with fungus in my body and candida for I think most of my life. I think this stuff is the best on the market so far. Who ever came up with this mix (even though it tastes like shoe polish) thank them for me please!! You don’t know how much it helped me. I am soo grateful. I will be ordering another bottle for sure. Keep up the good work. Your help line was very informative also.

PSA down from 4.9 to 0.14

In March, I had a PSA test score of 4.9. That was up from 3.8 the prior year. My age being 68 made these scores suspicious in that the increase was in the risk category. I refused to see a urologist, as I knew these tests were not always accurate. However, I prevailed upon my family doctor to get a new test, and it came back even higher…5.8. That got my attention. After a biopsy, I found that I had prostate cancer with a Gleason score of 3 plus 4 = 7. That is in the aggressive category. I had a tumor rating of tc3.

I was offered the standard operation for removal of the prostate, cryotherapy-freezing, radiation, and even the latest of standard treatments, proton therapy, along with the pellets or branchy therapy. Some of these are in tandem, etc. All of them had poor results. i.e. not over 60%. I found PSA on the internet and talked to X over the phone. I began the 90-day protocol with lots of criticism from family, friends (even ridiculed me), and my doctor. Nonetheless, I persevered, as I knew natural cures often work without the barbaric side effects of, impotence, urinary problems, colon problems, etc.

After 75 days, I decided to get a new PSA test. I already used prayer and strict adherence to the protocol, including juicing, baths, hot pad use with cod liver oil, and all the different phytonutrients given for each thirty-day period. my new PSA is 0.14. That’s down from 5.6 in April. It is now Oct., and I will get a confirmatory colon doper sonogram or AMAS test in another month. This program worked! Against all the naysayers and criticism both Jim and Larry, kept me encouraged to booster my confidence. Thanks to this natural protocol, I have put prostate cancer on its heels, and have none of the terrible side effects.

I mention that I graduated from college with honors, obtained a master’s degree, and later a doctor’s degree in law and was a judge for twenty years not to claim self-importance, but to help validate that I am not some quack providing false information. All the above is true. James L. Oct.

PSA dropped from 4.62 to .95 in 30 days and then to .35

My name is Lanny M and I started on the Complete Prostate Cancer Protocol on Oct 29 after a biopsy resulting in a Gleason score of 8. I thank God that I found the PSA website and all the information available to me there. I followed the Protocol to the best of my ability with detox baths, fresh juices and the recommended dietary changes. I am happy to report that after the first 30 odd days my PSA had dropped from 4.62 at biopsy to .95. My Doctor was pleasantly surprised and my wife was totally relieved. She didn’t have the faith that I did and this was a finally some evidence that she could see.

My next PSA was done about two weeks ago and I got the results just yesterday Jan 23, my PSA was down to .35. This time my Doctor was really impressed and said “Whatever you’re doing is working so keep it up” and my wife was ecstatic. I am so grateful to have found this option and even though I was somewhat skeptical in the beginning, I am now very confident that I am on the right path to a possible “cure”. I have learned a lot from this experience and have taken the challenge and made it into an opportunity to grow and develop my inner self. The way I see it, worst case scenario, my cancer has stopped growing and is dormant, I will continue for several more months and then will order the AMAS blood test.

PSA went from 12.2 to 1.58

My PSA in Aug was 12.2; Sept was 9.7 and Nov was 10.2. Early Dec went on StopPSAfromRising. I had done the AMAS test and HCG test and both were normal. Took PSA early Jan and result was 1.58. My doctor was quite surprised and I was overjoyed. I will retest in 6 months. Thank you for your help and support.

PSA dropped from 3.9 to .9 in 59 days

PSA has been going up. Was referred to urologist on Aug 6 because PSA was 5.3. Doctor did a free PSA test and wanted it to be above 25% however it was 14%. Doctor said that I had 1 in 3 chance of Prostate Cancer existing. I am quite resistant to having a Biopsy so I asked the Doctor if he would wait on the next step until I tried another alternative product for a month or so. I ordered PSA’s Prostate Protocol and took it for about 5 weeks. Had another PSA done on Nov 2 and my total PSA was down to 2.0, the Free PSA was upt to 30% (over 25%). I nearly had a “Praise the Lord Tantrum” in the Doctors exam room and told the Doctor what I felt. It was OK because he is a serious Christian I’m sure. I am so blessed and thankful to have been somehow led to connect with this Company.

PSA has leveled off

It has been 8 years since I received radiation for Prostate Cancer. The PSA has been slowly going up since then. After taking StopPSAfromRising protocol, it has leveled off at 2.2. I would hightly recommend PSA products.

PSA went from 5.90 to 2.50

After not getting a PSA test for nearly three years, I finally decided to get it done. To my dismay it jumped from 3.90 to 5.80. I then made an appointment with a Urologist and got tested once again. It came back 5.90, which confirmed my jump. I was told to get a biopsy, which came back positive. My Gleason score was 6, early stage cancer. My Urologist was explaining my options, all of which were very evasive procedures. I decided to scan the internet for an alternative treatment and found PSA very intriguing. I decided to purchase all of the necessary products. On September 12th I had another PSA test, and only hours ago received the wonderful results. My PSA was reduced to 2.50. I want everyone out there to know that this really does, work, and you should not be afraid to try it. Once you begin this program, you will also need to change your eating habits drastically. I did and I feel great eating foods that give me energy and build up my entire immune system.

PSA dropped from 3.9 to .9 in 59 days

Diagnosed with Gleason 7 – went on Prostate Cancer Protocol and after 59 days PSA went from 3.9 to .9. The Prostate Cancer Protocol works!

PSA dropped from 6.8 to 0.07 in 32 days

PSA was 6.8 after 32 days on your StopPSAfromRising.com, my PSA is now 0.07. I would say that these products work very very well.

PSA dropped from 4.6 to 1.2 in 34 days

My PSA was 4.6 and is now 1.2 after 34 days of being on your products. I am very happy and will continue taking them. I will get new PSA in 30 more days.

PSA dropped from 108 to 17 in 15 days

My PSA was 108 and after 15 days on your products my PSA dropped to 17. Will continue on products and get new PSA in 30 days. I am very pleased.

Basil Cell Carcinoma Disappeared

I am pleased to report to you, that your recommendation with regards to my basil cell carcinoma, (skin cancer), which was diagnosed August 8, after a biopsy. A scheduled surgery on August 24, did not occur because the doctor could not find any mark, or areas of concern from where the mole was removed. On August 10, we spoke of my concern. We decided to use the product called Skin Support. We agreed that using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide to the wound would be best. However I found that by taking a bandage and applying neosporin to the gauze, I then pour the powder from the capsule on the pad and apply it directly to the wound. I did this 24/7 for 10 days.

Before the doctor had looked at the area to be removed, he clearly said, ” I am sorry I have to do this to you”. Well he did not have to say anything to me, except to say goodbye for a year.

PSA dropped from 3.9 to 0.9 in 46 days

I’m 51, 6′ tall 180lbs and had my routine physical in June. My PSA came back at 3.9 and my doctor referred me to a Urologist. Had biopsy that came back with a gleason of 8 (4+4) on the left and 6 (3+3) on the right. My Urologist recommended I have a prostectomy however I found PSA. Started on various products beginning July 11. My PSA results as of August 27, 2007 was down to 0.9. Thank God for PSA.

PSA dropped from 6 to 2.5 in 34 days

My PSA was 6.0 and after 34 days on your products, my PSA is now 2.5. I will get a new PSA reading in 90 days and will update my testimony.

PSA dropped from 900 to 58 in 6 weeks

My PSA within six (6) weeks dropped from 900 to 58. I will continue on products and get new PSA after 30 days. I can only say your products work.

PSA dropped from 6.5 to .7 in 47 days for an 89.2 percent drop

I started the program on June 14, 2007. About 3 weeks previous, I got the results from my Urologist stating that my Prostate Biopsy indicated that I had Prostate Cancer in 5 percent of my Prostate Gland. The Gleason score was 6 The Urologist recommended that I start on a testosterone reducing program using the drugs Lupron and Casodex to shrink my Prostate, with a series of Radiation treatments to kill the cancer to follow. After doing some research on these methods to treat Prostate Cancer I determined that I wanted nothing to do with these forms of treatment and drugs that my Urologist recommended. The drugs that he recommended cause a loss of about 10 percent of bone mass in about a year’s time. After looking online for alternative cancer treatments I found PSA. I had previously read all the testimonials and I was convinced that this was the treatment for me. Before I received the products I took a series of baths using Epson Salts, Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda to help detoxify my body. I did the baths once a day for 10 days as recommended. I have also started on a program to raise the Ph level in my body to a more alkaline level by eating foods that are more alkaline. My Ph is now around 7.4 after testing my saliva with Ph test strips every day.

Other benefits that I have noticed are that my blood pressure is now 114 over 67, which is about a 15 to 20 percent improvement since I started the program. My resting pulse rate is now in the low to middle 50’s as compared to 60 before. A dull but continuous pain in my rectum, near the Prostate Gland, completely disappeared about 4 days after using the products. I have also lost about 7 pounds during this period and generally have more energy.

I am now using a reduced amount of the products including StopPSAfromRising because of the good results of the larger amounts. I will have another PSA taken to see how much my PSA has diminished since the first test. So far, I am completely satisfied and will continue on the maintenance products at the proper time. I will also, at the proper time, have an AMAS test which is a highly accurate test to determine if any cancer cells remain in my body.


Dear StopPSAfromRising, I am happy to let you know that the latest PSA test was .5, the lowest it has been for me in over 8 years, and my first completely normal reading. I am currently taking both creams in the evening, 7 days per week as you directed. should I continue this? thanks so much again, Dr. A.K.B. Pillai

PSA decreased from 10.4 to 0.05

I have been using StopPSAfromRising protocol since Nov 4. At that time, it was recommended by Dr. Whitaker, an MD, in his regular monthly letter. I started with using 2 per day. My PSA then 10.4 and No biopsy was done. My psa dropped to 6.3, normal for my age.

On advice of my urologist I stopped taking it on Nov 6. That was a mistake, 3 months later my PSA had jumped to 25.7! A biopsy was done, and an aggressive prostate cancer was confirmed a Gleason 10. On advice of my doctor, I had lupron shots followed by radiation for 8 weeks. My PSA went to 1.5. But some time later, my psa went to 3.6, and by 4/29, it was 4.6.

Around August, My PSA dropped to less than 0.05! I will be 83 years old next month, and PSA stays below 0.05. I reduced the dose to 1 every four days. I will be 83 years old next month, and PSA stays below 0.05. My oncologist tells me that my prostate gland is very small! No sign of cancer!

So StopPSAfromRising worked for me, I certainly would advise you to try it! If your doctor is against it, I would ignore him. My oncologist never advised me against it! Although he is not allowed to recommend it.

It works!

Hello: I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in december. My PSA was 320 and my CAT scan showed a mass protruding into the seminal duct with activity in the lymph nodes. I tried the bicarb/mollasses protocol for two weeks with no change in the PSA. We then found the website (stoppsafromrising) and after reading all of the data and the testimonials, I figured I had nothing to lose. I contacted StopPSAfromRising and started on his protocol of StopPSAfromRising and bicarbonate as well as the Budwig diet, no sugar, alcohol or red meat. My diet consists of organic vegetables, some fruit, organic goat yogurt, distilled/spring water, Barleans flaxseed oil/flaxseeds as well as vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as walking at least 5 days a week.

After exactly twenty six (26) days, my PSA is 5.75 after I was told by a urologist that my only hope to buy some time was Lupron and he offered no guarantee at all!! In fact the only thing he did guarantee was that I was going to die!

I hope this gives any man dealing with prostate cancer some renewed hope and alternative for a choice in dealing with this insidious disease. I am staying with my protocol and will check my progress in another thirty days. I will keep everyone informed of my progress as I go along. Always keep a positive attitude, the mind is a powerful tool. Sending everyone positive thoughts and healing

PSA decreased from 5.8 to 2.2 in 25 days

I took my PSA test on the 25th day (11-02-2011) and received the results yesterday (11-03-2011). My scores were 1.2 for the PSA from 5.8 in 25 days-WOW! WOW!

I am very thankful for your help and your wonderful product. Thank you, God! Thank you!

PSA decreased from 6.4 to 0.81


My husband B Clark just received his first PSA results after being on your protocol for 30 days.

It has dropped to 0.81 from 6.4–we are very very pleased–what next?

The results of my father’s PSA test


I finally got the results of my Dads PSA test today – The results: PSA 1.5

The history of his PSA numbers as follows= started on protocol april 11–psa 595 to 72 in 30 days–sept 11-psa down to 33.5—last psa nov 02-2011-as stated above–1.5-you told me it would come right on down to where it needed to be–just be patient -thank GOD for you and your product– Thank you.

25 days later my PSA was 0.23

hello news-thank you-thank you- thank you

As i indicated to you in my first email, that i had robotic surgery procedure 23 months ago– dr said said this would fix my problem–(ya right) now after 21 months, my psa was back up to 5.8(you said the psa would always rise again) that cancer travels in the blood stream-(that removing the prostate serves no purpose)-i did not understand what you meant at the time–but i do now–my psa now after 25 days of being on your protocol, is 0.23–i could not believe it. my dr had told me the only way to get the psa down was with lupron–boy was he wrong-will continue on the maintance dosage as you indicated–my wife and i want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts–GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR WORK

PSA dropped from 8000 to 1300

I wanted to thank you for your sincere help in giving me a natural alternative to the radical treatments out there for Prostate Cancer. My Prostate Cancer first appeared 16 years ago. I had radiation treatments and hormone injections.

Two years ago (14 years after the original diagnosis), the cancer metastasized to the bone. I went through 4 different chemotherapy drug treatments (including taxetere, carboplatin, taxol and one clinical trial drug called satraplatin). All of them failed. not only did my PSA shoot up higher, 8000 to be exact, I suffered the many side effects of chemo including weight loss, fatigue and some permanent hearing loss.

After one month on the regimen including StopPSAfromRising, I am thrilled to say my PSA went down to 1500 and after 60 days, dropped again to 1300. I am continuing with the protocol and I’m confident that the success will continue.

PSA was 6.5 and now is undetectable

​This is “Paul of Tallahassee” and I am writing to thank you for your assistance in dealing with my prostate cancer. It has been a long journey from when I was diagnosed in May with a PSA of 7.4 and a Gleason score of 6. I started working with you in June. Yes, I succumbed to external pressure and stopped taking your products around February when my PSA was around 6.5. I had surgery in October. After surgery, I still had a PSA of 1.3 and radiation treatment was recommended. At that point, I called on you one more time for help. You didn’t like what I had done but you lovingly offered to help me again. By the Grace of God, this time your products worked for me; my PSA is undetectable.

PSA dropped from 15 to 0.2; Cholesterol dropped from 223 to 199 in 32 days

On March 22 I was told by my Doctor after my usual blood test that my PSA was at 15. I found your website on Easter Sunday and called you the following Monday. You suggested I go on your Prostate Protocol which I started the following Friday, March 28. I was on it for the next 32 days after which I had another test to find out my PSA score dropped to 0.2. Also, my total Cholesterol dropped from 223 to 199. This is the first time it has been under 200 in 7 years. My Doctor was amazed and said “You Can’t Argue with Success”. Everyone is pleased.

PSA dropped from 33 to 0.71

In Nov 2006 I was diagnosed with PC after biopsy, PSA 14 Gleason Score 3+3=6. I was put on watchful waiting with further tests at 6 month intervals. By April my PSA was 27 then in Aug at 29 and in Dec my PSA has risen to 33. At the Dec appointment with my Oncologist he had suggested we should maybe start with hormone treatment. I asked if I could have another 6 months in order to try a Nutritional program to get my PSA down. He agreed but commented that I should not expect too much from nutrition alone. He set 2 more tests for April 08 and again in July after which I have my next appointment with him. Between Nov 06 and Dec 07 I had done a lot of research and was prayfully looking for alternative treatments to that of the conventional ones being offered. By God’s grace I happened upon the PSA website and the testimonials and the Holy Spirit convinced me to give this protocol a serious trial. In late Dec I ordered the 40 day protocol recommended. I started the protocol on Feb 15 I saw our family doctor for a regular visit on May 06 and he informed me that my Apr PSA had come back at 0.71 (down from 33in Dec.) Needless to say I am ecstatic with the results and so is my wife and family who were not all that enthusiastic about my choice of treatment. This program works and along with a rigorous change from past eating habits I hope to have similar resuts in July, if the oncologist doesn’t cancel it in the meantime.

PSA dropped from 721 to .4 in 59 days

I started on the PSA Protocol as a result of being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Within a few short weeks my PSA went from 721 down to 0.4. As you can imagine I was very happy. I am now continuing on the maintenance products and hope to continue with a very low PSA.

Thank God I found you.