About Us


PSA protocol was first created about 18 years ago. The early formula was composed just with several magical natural herbs. It was found that this formula can rapidly drop the PSA of PC patients within 30 days and make cancer enter regiment process and reverse the cancer cycle quickly without obvious side effect as most chemo or radioactive therapy do. As soon as it was released to public, almost immediately cause strong repercussions. Hundreds and hundreds of men with PC got their cancer under control with this miracle formulation. Later more products were added to prevent cancer from recurring and metastasis. It gradually become a protocol with several formulations working together, as well as integrated encompasses diet, high qualify supplements, homeopathic therapy, essential oils, natural hormone replacement cream and so on. The original core formulation has also been modified several times to make it even stronger than ever, but less side effect. This is our story.

Today, PSA protocol has been helping thousands and thousands of people with prostate cancer and other prostate problems all over the world to get their cancer and condition under control. Our longest clients have been with us for more than 17 years with the healthy and normal life. During these 17 years we never lose even one client because of prostate cancer if they devotedly follow the instruction and live advised healthy lifestyle all the time. In recent years, more and more Chinese patients got to know us and received good results on PSA protocol. Then they recommended to their relatives, friends. Because of language barrier and shipping issue we realized it’s more and more demanded to have a Chinese website that can provide more convenience, better communication and helping more people. This is how this website was borne. We believe we can help you like we have helped others.

Conventional treatment focuses exclusively on destroying the cancerous cells, but in so doing it fails to address the underlying anabolic imbalance that set the stage for the development of the cancerous condition in the first place. Our way is different. PSA protocol is a non-toxic natural way to help alleviating symptoms associated with prostatitis, BPH, elevating PSA at all stages of prostate cancer in a short time, naturally promoting healthy prostate gland, bladder and kidney functions.